There are some good books being published …

images… and never forget that the old books (the classics) have withstood the test of time and despite their inclusion in the ranks of public domain, publishers are still printing new editions regularly.

Also, it’s no secret that many of the classics are available for free on the internet. Most online booksellers actually have free or ridiculously cheap editions available of all those great novels like Little Women or Pride and Prejudice but I recommend spending some time over at Project Gutenberg where they have just about any public domain text you want available in many different formats including those for digital readers.

There are a lot of new books here but these were the titles that caught my interest this last mont:

06-01-16 – Letters To Kevin — Stephen Dixon
06-02-16 – Who Rules the World — Noam Chomsky
06-03-16 – Zero K — Don DeLillo
06-04-16 – The Regional Office Is Under Attack! — Manuel Gonzales
06-05-16 – Seveneves — Neal Stevenson
06-06-16 – The Gene: An Intimate History — Siddhartha Mukherjee
06-07-16 – A Country Road, a Tree —Jo Baker
06-08-16 – The Edge of the Empire — Bronwen Riley
06-09-16 – Reading Dante: From Here To Eternity — Prue Shaw
06-10-16 – The Noise of Time — Julian Barnes
06-11-16 – Witness To the Revolution: Radicals, Resisters, Vets, Hippies, and the Year America Lost Its Mind and Found Its Soul — Clara Bingham
06-12-16 – China Rich Girlfriend: A Novel — Kevin Kwan
06-13-16 – The Forty Days of Musa Dagh — Franz Werfel
06-14-16 – An American Genocide — Benjamin Madley
06-15-16 – Grand Hotel — Vicki Baum
06-16-16 – Culture — Terry Eagleton
06-17-16 – Memories of My Melancholy Whores — Gabriel García Márquez
06-18-16 – Homegoing — Yaa Gyasi
06-19-16 – Maigret and the Death of a Harbor Master — Georges Simenon
06-20-16 – Goodnight, Beautiful Women — Anna Noyes
06-21-16 – The Joy of Killing: A Novel — Harry MacLean
06-22-16 – But What If We’re Wrong? Thinking About the Present As If It Were the Future — Chuck Klosterman
06-23-16 – The View From the Cheap Seats — Neal Gaiman
06-24-16 – A Million Windows — Gerald Murnane
06-25-16 – The Rose — Louis Erdrich
06-26-16 – The Hatred of Poetry — Ben Lerner
06-27-16 – Everybody’s Fool: A Novel — Richard Russo
06-28-16 – The Insufferable Gaucho — Roberto Bolaño
06-29-16 – All Over Creation — Ruth Ozeki
06-30-16 – The Time Traveler’s Handbook: 18 Experiences, From the Eruption of Vesuvius to Woodstock — James Wyllie, Johnny Acton and David Goldblatt


What are your thoughts on this?

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