Smile On Your Brother

images.jpgI’ve had a couple of days to further evaluate and learn from the recent police killings in Minnesota and Louisiana. I hinted at a conclusion that could be made in my earlier post but now I am even more convinced. In both killings (and many other earlier police killings) what is often mentioned but I have not realized the significance of until just now is that the police murdered both victims when neither victim had done anything wrong. The victim or even fear of the victim did not cause the police officer to shoot.

The police officer took an innocent man’s life without any due process for the clear reason that he was afraid. Not afraid of anything the victim did or even anything the victim was likely to do. The police officer was afraid because the Right-Wing media and the Right-Wing supported political institutions continually beat it into his subconscious mind that he needs to be afraid. The big lie in America nowadays is how anyone that doesn’t look like you or act like you think they should act is ipso facto out to destroy the American way of life and more to the point, out to get you. A secondary rant coming from many organizations but chiefly the Nation Rifle Association is that survival in the American jungle makes having a large collection of expensive and impressive firearms a requirement.

imgres.jpgAdd to this the various state laws that allow you to blow away your neighbor or any stranger on the street if you even think he may do you harm. Shoot first and ask questions later? Recalling the earlier suggestion that the victim will probably be innocent of any real or imagined danger, the person who kills for self-preservation is likely to be reacting to what he or she heard on Right-Wing radio or what a regressive politician insisted was the only way to take back America.

In almost every police killing, and this includes official or unofficial vigilante groups, there is some attempt to justify the killing by suggesting a non-existent gun was there or that the victim reached into his back pocket when asked for a driver’s license and the policeman was certain the victim was going to find a .357 Magnum alongside his comb and wallet and saw death rise up before him so he put sixteen bullets into the body of the innocent victim. In reality, the killer policeman wasn’t afraid of the now dying victim, the policeman was afraid of the fictions created by Right-Wing politics in hopes of winning elections and further raping the coffers of the American taxpayers by keeping everyone afraid and blaming all the problems in this country on immigrants and Muslims and Planned Parenthood.

Right-Wing hate mongers like Rusty Limbaugh are losing some of their grip on the national opinions, but not fast enough and in many cases the damage has already been done. Just like it’s taken over thirty years to understand that the Reagan Revolution was the impetuous for the decline of the United States, it may take another thirty years to understand the destruction caused by the neoconservatives, the Republican Party, and the Right-Wing regressive mind.


It’s a real question: will the country survive?

What are your thoughts on this?

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