Deciding What To Read


I tend to make lists of books to read with titles that vary greatly by size, author, country, subject matter, genre, etc. A few times in the past I realized that I was too scattershot and should have concentrated on a few books like when I read A Dance To the Music of Time the first time.

Now I have been toying with making up a monthly list that just indicates a couple of authors I want to read. Notice that I have been dribbling the likes of Modiano, Simenon, and Oates across the years but maybe I should concentrate once in a while and read three or four books by the same author during the one month. I had a reading group earlier that did just this: four or five books by one author or on one topic were selected to cover a three month period. Then the next quarter a new author or topic was chosen. The group still exists under different management as the Literature Study Group on Yahoo.

I look at all the books I want to read by certain authors and I think I will try this tactic in my regular ACOR reading pool … maybe only one author each month?

One thought on “Deciding What To Read

  1. I do this, Mike, I bullet journal a list of books by and about an author, and do a project. My project at the moment is Tolstoy, his novels and letters, and books by his contemporary countrymen.


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