We Look For the Vampires That Exist Inside Us

images.jpgI am at the head of this expedition about which we have all dreamed at some point, and, among my memories is hearing the Italian writer Antonio Tabucchi say that, in a way, literature is like a message in a bottle (or like those messages pinned on the bulletin board in Peter’s Bar), because literature needs a recipient too; and so, just as we know that someone, some unknown person, will read our shipwrecked sailor’s message, we also know that someone will read our literary writings: someone who is not so much the intended recipient as an accomplice, insofar as he or she is the one who will give meaning to our writing. That is what allows every message to be added to, to acquire new meaning, to grow in resonance. And that is precisely what is so strange and fascinating about literature, the fact that it is not a static organism, but something that mutates with every reading, something that is constantly changing.

Enrique Vila-Matas — Vampire In Love, “Invented Memories”

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