In the Era of Disinformation, Self-Education and Critical Thinking Are More Important than Ever

In today’s world of rapid and unverified news coverage—news selected and presented for commercial value—, it is too easy to metastasize disinformation, thus providing a seemingly truthful basis for the untruth. Add to that the now hackneyed mantra of a liberal media bias and the truth is more often viewed as an outlier, a spoiler, bellyaching, or just not truthful. It’s democracy: the Truth with the most and loudest proponents must be the Real Truth.

Critical Thinking differs from personal opinion, which is so often simply mimicking someone else’s opinion: Critical Thinking is hard and demanding, but without it the Yahoos win.

Josep Goded

Many people think that study at university makes them critical thinkers and smarter. In many ways, studying at a university is a positive experience. However, we cannot ignore the fact that the educational system is designed by the government. The same government that undermines citizens’ lives by fabricating fake news to influence them. A real critical thinker would soon conclude that there are some hidden interests behind it.

The implementation of controversial educational systems has as the final goal to prevent students from being critical thinkers.They know that critical thinkers have the ability to find the flaws of the system, and later change it for the better.

In such a context, people are living in a virtual world since they cannot differentiate between what is real and what is not. You can know whether you are a critical thinker or not by responding to the next questions. Do

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