Ever Been In Rehab?

24e07088-c872-4086-b202-b28af6d27b8eAre you addicted to something or someone? J.T.S.Brown? Oxycontin? Chocolate Fudge Cake? Michelle Williams? Barnyard Smells? Do you have an addictive personality (like the man who walked into the All-You-Can-Eat restaurant and said, “I’ll take two”)? Do addictions amplify our lives or do we engage in our addictions to hide from living?

Have you ever been to rehab?

The newest issue of Tin House Magazine (Volume 18, Number 3) addresses some of these questions with excellent writing on the subject. I urge you to find a copy (or get a subscription) to expand your awareness of the world of rehab and addiction in a very literary manner.

Get addicted to Tin House Magazine.

Tin House Magazine — Spring 2017: Rehab

“As I slid the envelope into the blue metal slot I imagined Danvers opening the letter slowly, the seal of my skin package already broken by prison wardens who probably hated Danvers as much as I did, prison wardens who would relish letting my hate mail slide by. I imagined Danvers poring over my plans, poring over my drawings, with a confusion that slowly morphed into fear when he realized that I fully intended to cut off his ankles, if I had the chance, to make them into the footrests for kitchen stools, his knuckles the decorative knobs on the bars where I would rest my feet, and that in this house of my imagination he’d be murdered, murdered in the type of way that the murdered person’s defining characteristic becomes how they were made into the dead.”

So writes Rita Bullwinkel in our new issue, capturing an intoxicating fury and unshakable obsession. This spring, Tin House #71 is going to rehab. We’ve got inebriation, infirmity, and falls from grace; attempts to restore body and mind, and the occasional moment of clarity amidst dissolution.


Fiction from Jennifer Tseng, Aimee Bender, Rita Bullwinkel, Ariel Djanikian, and J.P. Gritton

Poetry from Kaveh Akbar, Jerry Williams, Peter LaBerge, Marie Howe, Dorothea Lasky, Brandon Courtney, and Leila Chatti

Essays from Leslie Jamison, Alyssa Knickerbocker, Meehan Crist, Amy Bloom, Peter Crabtree, Kara Thompson, and Jenn Shapland

Relapses from Elissa Schappell, Sarah Manguso, Benjamin Percy, and Michael W. Clune

Books Lost & Found by Adam Wilson, Micah Perks, Laura Bogart, Alix Ohlin, and Santi Elijah Holley

A Readable Feast from Jenni Ferrari-Adler

And a Last Word from Peter Orner.

What are your thoughts on this?

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