Lucia di Yammermore


After I had my stroke in 2001 I was confined to the first floor of the house and was all alone when my wife went to work each day. We decided I needed a dog for a companion: one that was easy to care for and hypo-allergenic. We got Luci (Lucia di Yammermoor), a small maltese, pure white, and so tiny I brought her home in my baseball cap. When the time cme we took Luci to training and she became my care dog, companion, and good friend.

Two weeks ago Luci stopped eating and tests showed that her kidneys had shut down. She was over sixteen and had a good life, still the final decision was difficult to make. I took Luci to the vet yesterday and had her put to sleep: euthanasia seemed a more humane option than watching her internal organs fail one by one just too keep her around a few days longer.

It still hurts, though.


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