See a Pattern Here?


They are two patterns that I see here. First, the obvious statement that Der Drumpt is not actually a successful businessman. How many of those yahoos who voted for Der Drumpt knew that they were turning the government of the United States over to a conman who has an extensive record of failed businesses? The country is now being run as a business by a crook, a crook with very limited intelligence.

But underneath the obvious is the second pattern: Der Drumpt is a very successful conman and no matter how poorly his business ventures go, he is not only seldom hurt, but he often makes even more money off the failure of the businesses. Remember, he bragged that he uses bankruptcy as a financial tool to line his pockets at others’ expense. He’s a genius at scamming others.

There’s a very simple proposition to keep in mind: Der Drumpt will make sure he comes out on top no matter how much of the population he fucks.

imgres-1.jpgA clear example of this scam artist is when during the campaign he spoke of renegotiating the national debt with the idea that he could get it down low enough so we would only have to pay something like ten cents on the dollar. Remember, the national debt includes all those savings bonds Americans diligently purchase on the payroll savings plan at their place of work. Now Der Drumpt wants to pay off your bonds with ten cents on the dollar (and Der Drumpt will find a way to pay himself a commission for negotiating such a good deal).

Imagine taking a mature $100 savings bond into the bank and having them give you $10 in return. Let’s see: you gave the government $75 dollars and after seven years or so the government returns $10 without so much as a thank you.

Add to that the real possibility that millions of Americans will be losing their healthcare despite what campaign promises Der Drumpt made to the voters.

What are your thoughts on this?

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