Make Minds, Not Careers


Education was always critical to the forming of minds and the expansion of thought and imagination; however, education in America has long been supported as a cheap way to fill the necessary jobs in the corporate world. We’re all probably aware that college sports is a cost-effective way to train and filter the talent necessary to populate the lucrative world of professional sports, but as obvious as that seems, it is no different than getting students to pay for the education they need to get a good job. Imagine if corporate America had to fund the needed education of all its potential employees. Then twist your imagination a bit more and consider that the corporations pay for their own roads and their own airports and their own waste disposal.

Let’s face it, corporations have already figured out a way to pass a great deal of their costs of doing business on to the American taxpayer.


It is a common conservative complaint but I too might similarly insist that since I don’t bank at Chase-Manhattan, why should I have to pay for the roads and streets that lead to the Chase-Manhattan banks?

I guess success in the corporate world is based on how much welfare a business can grab from the taxpayers. You might even consider that taxation without representation.

In the corporate world it is common for a business to streamline operations and save money by getting their suppliers or other businesses to foot the bill. Often, as we’ve seen, that other business is the government. But this means if they run the government like a business, they might be flipping the traditional relationship between business and government and now Washington might be moving into a position where the needs of the government, like funding a standing army, will be delegated to the corporations.

Wait, isn’t that somewhat similar to Feudalism?

One thought on “Make Minds, Not Careers

  1. UK universities are following the same pattern, Mike. Even pure science has disappeared in favour of paid for research for corporations at universities, saving companies the cost of reasearch and development. I get sick of more tax being raised by the backdoor, while corporations are given tax breaks. No British party has the interests of the voting public in mind, they all, without exception, pander to international business, Free Trade and often foreign governmental interests.


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