Make the Bookcase Higher

imgresWhen you realize that I probably ignore nine out of ten new book titles I run across during the month, it’s still amazing that I can limit these suggestions to one-a-day. Add to that all the books I already have on my new bookshelves and I can hear the blind fury coming down the stairs looking to snip my aging thread before I can even make a dent in all this desirable reading.

Rather than panic, though, I have found the time and needed concentration to read eight to twelve books each month and being a retired old man gives me an excuse to lie in bed with my iPhone or sit comfortably at my desk reading on my iPad. Then there is my new tactic: reading real ink and paper books sitting on my porch in my rocking chair with the sun keeping me warm (and sometimes a little sweaty).

Being retired is great but the funny thing is that I actually seemed to read more when I was working a full-time job and raising a family. Go figure!

Here are the titles suggested during the last month:

04-01-17 – Human Acts: A Novel — Han Kang
04-02-17 – A Book of American Martyrs — Joyce Carol Oates
04-03-17 – A Midsummer Night’s Dream — William Shakespeare
04-04-17 – Reality Is Not What It Seems — Carlo Rovelli
04-05-17 – The One Inside — Sam Shepard
04-06-17 – A Life Full of Holes — Paul Bowles
04-07-17 – The Necrophiliac — Gabrielle Wittkop
04-08-17 – The Familiar, Volume 2, Into the Forest — Mark Z. Danielewski
04-09-17 – Towards the One and Only Metaphor — Miklos Szentkuthy
04-10-17 – On Turpentine Lane — Elinor Lipman
04-11-17 – Shadowbahn — Steve Erickson
04-12-17 – The Dark Flood Rises – Margaret Drabble
04-13-17 – The Folded Earth — Anuradha Roy
04-14-17 – The Tokyo Zodiac Murders — Soji Shimada
04-15-17 – Jama — Antonio Di Benedetto
04-16-17 – The Letter Killers Club — Sigizmund Krzhizhanovsky
04-17-17 – The Land of Green Plums: A Novel — Herta Müller
04-18-17 – Signals — Tim Gautreaux
04-19-17 – Days Without End — Sebastian Barry
04-20-17 – Tampa: A Novel — Alissa Nutting
04-21-17 – Lost: A Novel — Hans-Ulrich Treichel
04-22-17 – Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow — Yuval Noah Harari
04-23-17 – Unfinished — Carol Oates
04-24-17 – The Tyrant — Jacques Chessex
04-25-17 – The Accusation — Bandi
04-26-17 – Spider — Patrick McGrath
04-27-17 – The Sagas of the Icelanders — Robert Kellogg
04-28-17 – Life and Adventures of Jack Engle — Walt Whitman
04-29-17 – Machine Dreams — Jayne Anne Phillips
04-30-17 – Hidden Water: From the Frank Stanford Archives — Frank Stanford

One thought on “Make the Bookcase Higher

  1. I have the same problem and objectives, Mike. I seldom get sweaty in sunny Devon, as our summer temps seldom exceed 30 centigrade. I keep a daily bulletin journal listing my ongoing reads, things to look up and appointments, note making, which seems to increase my reads. It’s nice to know that you can still read paper books asi remember you posting that you read mainly on the iPad. Your eyes must have stabilised. It often happens with us older folks. Your list is very interesting, I must look for some of the titles.


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