Why I Seem To Ignore the Drumpster Fire

images.jpgBelieve me, I don’t miss the tiniest act of ignorance and corruption this orange buffoon tries to perpetrate on the American people and against the respected freedoms its democratic government once held sacred. It is this administration that openly advances the destruction of the Constitution of the United States in exchange for saying Merry Christmas and restoring unnecessary coal jobs.

The collusion with Russia is pretty much a given and I expect the the Drumpster will emerge from his abortive presidency with his empire of corruption in shambles and a good many of his supporters, colleagues, and family disgraced or possibly even in prison.

But I remain relatively silent for two reasons: first, to keep up on the barrage of lies and self-aggrandizement, I would be forced to give up an unacceptable chunk of my reading, and second, there are other commentators, mostly professionals, who keep the news (especially on the internet) engorged with tales from the darkside and, to paraphrase Michael Malloy, news concerning the Trump Crime Family. I cannot see that I have much more to add than my own fear and indignation.

Speaking of Mike Malloy, his discussion on the Drumpster from before the last election is definitely prescient.

And lest we forget, the Republican Party will have a tough time avoiding a similar fate. Speaking of Rodents Of Unusual Size …


What are your thoughts on this?

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