My Friend Irma

I’ve been collecting important papers for a trek north to Atlanta. I’m not sure this is necessary and it sure isn’t going to be fun, but my Son-In-Law says we’re headed for safety. In this area the power might go out in a stiff breeze so there’s a better chance to have lights to read a book, power to toast a burrito, and that glorious and addicting air-conditioning.

Let see: Passport, Last Will and Testament, Pink Slip, Dog Inoculation Record, iPhone, two-weeks worth of medicine, ten cans of dog food, The Collected Poems of Allen Ginsberg, sleep mask, C-Pap, … and the dog, of course.


3 thoughts on “My Friend Irma

  1. I’m in Tallahassee and now it looks like the storm is coming right up the peninsula so I understand we might be heading for Biloxi instead of Atlanta, Anyone know how the food is in Biloxi?


  2. Gosh, Mike, I totally forgot that you’re in Florida now. I’m always aware that you moved and are now with the Kid and family, but blanked out on the location. Hang in there. Hope the homestead survives intact.


    1. Biloxi Blues is out and we’re back marching to Atlanta (there’s really no escape that’s good except fly to Paris and the airlines would frown on my dog). So it’s one van, one SUV, three adults, two kids, one dog, and three cats off to grandmother’s house early tomorrow morning. Probably won’t be posting for awhile. Maybe I should reread The Oregon Trail .. fast!!

      Daughter is stashing things around the house to avoid flood damage. I just made sure my signed books were on a high shelf (Tony Hillerman, Alton Brown, and Elizabeth Zimmermann).

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