Excellence In Weather Broadcasting

Rush Limbaugh made it clear that the so-called hurricane named Irma was just a liberal plot to promote the liberal agenda, especially the climate change scam. Then he packed up his Palm Beach home and skedaddled for the left-coast. I guess the real question is which is the biggest blow-hard: Irma or Rusty?

It’s fascinating to hear the scientific analysis of a storm like Irma. It seems like the storm hung over the coast of Cuba a bit longer than expected which changed the angle taken up the length of Florida and caused a partial breakup of the eye-wall. This resulted in a diminution of the eye wall, a slowing of the storm’s forward motion, and it’s eventual downgrade while sparing major areas that were originally slated for major destruction.


There still was a great deal of destruction and flooding. I was disheartened to see the area of South Carolina where I recently lived and shopped experience so much flooding even as the storm was rapidly becoming a sad memory.

We weathered the storm in Atlanta and were able to return home early since the Tallahassee house never lost power and, at least on our block, there appeared to be far less destruction than we saw with Hermine last year.

Dodged a bullet: it could have been so much worse.

Of course Rusty can now return to his Palm Beach estate and brag that he was right and the leftist weather reporters were caught hyping a storm that wasn’t quite as bad as predicted. Isn’t it interesting that the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, and Der Drump have mansions in such an expensive and very exclusive area and still can rail against elitists with a straight face. But I’m sure they all donated beaucoup de dinero to the hurricane relief funds to help their fellow man overcome the loss of life and property exacerbated by climate change and misdirected government.


Hopefully I can get back on track now, resume some of the reading I interrupted last Friday, and restore my stash of microwaveable vittles which was plundered during the storm. Several catch-up doctor’s visits and vet appointments may define my schedule during the next few weeks. I am definitely intending to get my Uber merit badge before the end of the year.

2 thoughts on “Excellence In Weather Broadcasting

  1. Glad you hear all is a-ok at the new abode. Oddly enough an Internet buddy of mine who lives near Atlanta lost power for around a day and a half.


    1. The real cause of most extended power outages is downed trees. We were actually in Marietta and the utilities were all underground. Back home in Tallahassee the aerial power lines were at the mercy of the trees. Last year it took a week to restore power to the house because fallen trees had breached the lines in several places.

      For some reason we never lost power this time and all the trees in the area withstood the winds.

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