Predictions or Wishes


Yet another month has waved a fascinating bundle of reading at me and deep in my heart I know I will never get to experience all that literate goodness. But wait: perhaps I should dedicate a month’s reading pool to the very books I have been suggesting to other people.

Whoa! Actually read the books I recommend others read? What a concept!

Let’s look at this last month’s reading suggestions:

09-01-17 – Kintu — Jennifer Nansubuga Makumbi
09-02-17 – A Horse Walks Into a Bar — David Grossman
09-03-17 – Do I Make Myself Clear — Harold Evans
09-04-17 – The Seeds of Life — Edward Dolnick
09-05-17 – Startup — Doree Shafrir
09-06-17 – Hadriana in All My Dreams: A Novel — René Depestre
09-07-17 – Chocky — John Wyndham
09-08-17 – The Roman Hat Mystery — Ellery Queen
09-09-17 – The Salmon of Doubt — Douglas Adams
09-10-17 – Ernest Hemingway: A Biography — Mary V. Dearborn
09-11-17 – My Name Is Legion — A. N. Wilson
09-12-17 – The Taming of the Shrew — William Shakespeare
09-13-17 – When You Are Engulfed in Flames — David Sedaris
09-14-17 – Make Trouble — John Waters
09-15-17 – Fair Play — Tove Jansson
09-16-17 – The Go-Between — L. P. Hartley
09-17-17 – Hue 1968 — Mark Rowden
09-18-17 – Zama — Antonio Di Benedetto
09-19-17 – The Hike: A Novel — Drew Magary
09-20-17 – The End: A Novel — Fernanda Torres
09-21-17 – The Witchfinder’s Sister — Beth Underdown
09-22-17 – Book of Mutter — Kate Zambreno
09-23-17 – A Possible Keats — Fleur Jaeggy
09-24-17 – The Crime Writer — Jill Dawson
09-25-17 – The Little Drummer Girl — John Le Carré
09-26-17 – Why Poetry — Matthew Zapruder
09-27-17 – Holidays On Ice — David Sedaris
09-28-17 – Dante In Love — A. N. Wilson
09-29-17 – Jerzy — Jerome Charyn
09-30-17 – Things To Do When You’re Goth in the Country and Other Stories — Chavisa Woods


Well, I read a couple already and probably have about a dozen titles either on my bookshelves or stashed away in Calibre for reading on Marvin. Added to the dozen suggested titles I have available one or two bucket list titles, throw in a smattering of those books that have been waving their hands each month, and I will have a great reading list for next month.

I’ll start working on it immediately but I don’t want to forget the October reading pool I just posted.

Books. Books. Books.

3 thoughts on “Predictions or Wishes

  1. I am currently enjoying Horse Walks Into a Bar. I just happened to pick up at the library last trip. Great minds think alike?


    1. Thanks for the recommendation. I have enjoyed reading several humorous/satirical books and right now intend to have Sedaris’s Holidays On Ice on next month’s reading list. I’ll look into Grossman’s book: it looks intriguing.


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