Twenty More

images-1.jpgI received several comments to my first list of twenty authors to add to your reading list, mostly suggesting additional authors I had not mentioned. In one case I responded that I actually had the suggested author on my list but I lost it when I reduced the list to only twenty names.

Since then I have realized that I have more than twenty additional authors who should be recognized and added to all those more traditional reading lists. For now I offer yet another twenty valuable writers I have found stimulating and I highly recommend them to everyone.

You might not recognize some of the authors but several are actually quite well known and often highly rewarded writers. Notice that this list focuses on writers who probably did not write originally in English. Of course translations are generally available but I also want to encourage those who are able to read the original language, even if with great difficulty, to read the original as it was written by the author.

  1. César Aira
  2. Antonio Lobos Antunes
  3. Georges Bataille
  4. Michel Butor
  5. Eric Chevillard
  6. Annie Ernaux
  7. Joris-Karl Huysmans
  8. Elfriede Jelinek
  9. Ismail Kadare
  10. Yukio Mishima
  11. Horacio Castellanos Moya
  12. Victor Pelevin
  13. Georges Perec
  14. Robert Pinget
  15. Raymond Queneau
  16. Jean-Philippe Toussaint
  17. Enrique Vila-Mata
  18. Karen Tai Yamashita
  19. Mo Yan
  20. Banana Yoshimoto

3 thoughts on “Twenty More

  1. Whereas in the first list of 20, I had already read 8 of the authors (Abe, Acker, Carter, cover, Duras, Robbe-Grillet, Hrabal, and Mahfouz), this time around, I’ve only enjoyed Mishima and Yoshimoto so far. More to add to the list.


    1. Then I will emphasize that you’ve got a lot of excellent reading ahead of you! This list contains some of my favorite authors.


    2. Looking over the list, I thought about which writers are perhaps most important or most engaging. My top three: Mo Yan, Georges Perec, and Antonio Lobos Antunes (with Yukio Mishima being a strong contender).


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