Will I Read Any of These … Soon?

imgresThis is the list of suggested titles from the month of October. It is significant because It occurs following the two months of suggested reading I used to fill out this month’s Reading Pool. So the question is: Will I work a few of these titles into my next month’s reading pool?

Could be. You might have notice that I included many recently published works on my suggested list whereas not so many up-to-date titles in my regular monthly reading pool. The dilemma is that there are so many older and even classic books I have yet to read and at the same time world-wide publishers are tempting me with more and more new stuff.

How can I choose?

One aspect of my reading selections is to not jump after the newest books published, no matter how well received they are by the critics or the public. It wasn’t that far back that I flatly refused to read anything that smacked of being a best-seller. Although, for the most part, this attitude allowed me to maintain a fairly high level of reading, at the same time, I unfortunately found myself reading a lot of books that had lost currency.

Think of reading a novel that made a big splash in the publishing world but was followed by two or three sequels, a half-dozen rip-offs, and an Onion satire. The experience just isn’t the same as if I had read the novel that started it all before the “all” had run its  course and devolved into easy satire.

So my thought is to make sure I have one or two very current titles in each month’s pool. At least it’s worth a try.

These were the books I suggested reading during October 2017:

10-01-17 – Death By Black Hole & Other Cosmic Quandaries — Neil deGrasse Tyson
10-02-17 – The Ministry of Pain: A Novel — Dubravka Ugresic
10-03-17 – Ragged Trousered Philanthropists — Robert Tressell
10-04-17 – Mrs. Fletcher — Tom Perrota
10-05-17 – The Western Lands — William S. Burroughs
10-06-17 – Thirst: A Novel — Jo Nesbo
10-07-17 – Mexican American Literature: A Portable Anthology — Dagoberto Gilb
10-08-17 – Giving Godhead — Dylan Krieger
10-09-17 – Robert B. Parker’s The Hangman’s Sonnet — Reed Farrel Coleman
10-10-17 – New York: 2140 — Kim Stanley Robinson
10-11-17 – Galaxy Love — Gerald Stern
10-12-17 – A Brief History of Creation — Bill Mesler
images-110-13-17 – New Collected Poems — Marianne Moore
10-14-17 – Chasing Pancho Villa — R. L. Tecklenburg
10-15-17 – Richard the Third — William Shakespeare
10-16-17 – Impossible Views of the World — Lucy Ives
10-17-17 – The Locals — Jonathan Dee
10-18-17 – Literary Wonderlands — Laura Miller
10-19-17 – Lives of the Saints — Nino Ricci
10-20-17 – Mrs. Warren’s Profession — George Bernhard Shaw
10-21-17 – A Legacy of Spies — John Le Carré
10-22-17 – Goodbye, Vitamin — Rachel Khong
10-23-17 – Totempole — Sanford Friedman
10-24-17 – Katalin Street — Magda Szabó
10-25-17 – What Does It All Mean? — Thomas Nagel
10-26-17 – Autumn — Karl Ole Knausgaard
10-27-17 – Machina — Sebastian Marshall
10-28-17 – No One Can Pronounce My Name — Rakesh Satyal:
10-29-17 – Chinese Orange Mystery — Ellery Queen
10-30-17 – The Lives of the Noble Grecians & Romans — Plutarch
10-31-17 – An Odyssey: A Father, a Son, and an Epic — Daniel Mendelsohn

What are your thoughts on this?

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