I Was a Sexual Predator

firstdateWhen they stormed the high walls I slipped my arm along the back of the seat, timing my questing fingers to the explosion of the black powder cannons. As the rebellious hordes raced through the streets and alleys I dangled my fingers lower and gradually cupped her right breast. She remained focused on the sounds and sights of the siege on the Technicolor screen. Suddenly there was a breakthrough from below and I reached with the other hand to slip under her dress and stroke the inside of her thigh. She rushed two defensive hands to her lap and repulsed my flanking maneuver. I retreated but immediately attempted to make a new breakthrough below. Again a flurry of hands repulsed me. I sat back, regrouped, and accepted a conciliatory kiss. My hand never left her breast.

My buddy, the ex-rodeo bum, and I went to the movies one evening. It was his choice since he had the car and a driver’s license. The film was a rather forgettable historical epic titled 55 Days at Peking. The house must have been packed because we ended up sitting next to a group of girls and I discovered a very cute girl about my age in the seat immediately to my right.

After the lights went dark and the movie ran long enough to be officially boring, I began squeezing the hand on the armrest I shared with the seat next to me. I proceeded to make unasked for and possibly unwanted sexual advances for the rest of the film. I was a sexual predator.

But she did eventually turn towards me and invited many many long and sloppy kisses.

Still, I look back on that evening over fifty years ago and I can only admit that on that evening I was a white-privileged male sexual predator.

After the movie we all went our separate ways. I never learned her name and never saw her again. Probably the worst thing about the entire incident was that my friend was super impressed by my apparent score with the ladies, as he put it, and I accepted his praise with a puffed up ego and three tacos down at the Jack-In-the-Box on the way home.




6 thoughts on “I Was a Sexual Predator

  1. Michael I enjoyed your mea culpa moment. If you would have had some liquor I might have thought you stole a moment from Charles Bukowski.



    1. Oh, I have had a few experiences where Old Man Daniels got me going only to turn on me later and shut everything down in mortifying failure.


  2. That is not being a sexual Predator! Sh** I had dates TAKE my hand an put it on their breast in the dark of the movie theater and more! it’s just foreplay to making-out and getting a girlfriend in my day and remains to this day!! Somehow, y’all guys have lost your mojo and been confused about how to “score”. Girls want it as much as we do!! Maybe too many males have now been raised by single female parents due to the disintegration of the family caused by overly-jealous and punitive against men, child support laws since 1990.


    1. Although I suggested there was some wish-fulfillment from the other side of the armrest, note that I am not exposing what nefarious things I might have instigated while on a date—especially when accompanied by a woman I knew quite well—but rather an especially egregious move targeted at an unsuspecting female who might have gone to the movies just to see the picture (a fan of Charlton Heston?).

      And let’s not even stoop to contemplate the backseat calisthenics at the local Drive-In Theater.


    2. Also, don’t forget that we are discussing the sexual mores and activities that were common in the 1950s and 1960s. This was all before the Summer of Love.

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      1. Yes, but when did we return to being Puritans? Some of my best, long-time friends are now out of wack and saying “sexual predators are a ‘disease” in our society” WTF?? lol


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