Post-Holiday Reading

images.jpgDecember was dedicated to reading a few of the big bad fat books that have been lingering on my bookshelves for years. I only finished two—The Golden Notebook and New Grub Street—but I read over half-way through a few others such as Frog and Infinite Jest. I hope I can continue reading those two books without seriously interfering with my regular scheduled reading.

January is back to a random schedule of books, big and small. There’s no theme this month, just, hopefully, some relaxing and interesting reading from authors all around the world. One of these days I may schedule a concentration of American literature: it’s still my weak point.

For the first month of the new year I have collected the following titles for my reading pool:

  1. How German Is It — Walter Abish
  2. A General Theory of Oblivion — José Eduardo Agualusa
  3. They Were Counted — Miklós Bánffy
  4. London Bridge — Louis-Ferdinand Céline
  5. Odysseus Abroad: A Novel — Amit Chaudhuri
  6. Turtles All the Way Down — John Green
  7. American Junkie — Tom Hansen
  8. City of Endless Night — Milo M. Hastings
  9. Strangers On a Train — Patricia Highsmith
  10. Angels — Denis Johnson
  11. The Accident — Ismail Kadare
  12. The Exile — William Kotzwinkle
  13. Black Moses — Alain Mabanckou
  14. Sundays In August — Patrick Modiano
  15. Akitadas First Case — I. J. Parker
  16. The Hole — Hye-young Pyun
  17. Dunbar — Edward St. Aubyn
  18. The Ogre — Michel Tournier
  19. Death of a Red Heroine — Qiu Xianolong
  20. Miss Chopsticks — Xinran

What are your thoughts on this?

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