Is It May Already?

images-1.jpgDid you miss me? Probably not but I’ve been away for several weeks. Here’s the thing about getting old: It Sucks!

It all started with a little fever, some disorientation and weakness, and eventually a spinning fall in the dark which left me on the floor in great pain. After a rainy ambulance ride to the hospital I ended up flat on my back with a fracture in my lower back. Oh, I also had pneumonia and was entering septic shock.

Not good.

But a few days in the hospital and a few weeks in a rehab got me out of danger and at least started to build up my strength. I’m now shuffling around my bedroom with daycare helping me with meals, showers, etc. I still feel pain and am afraid of falling again but I’m getting better.

I was eventually able to get some digital reading in at the rehab but since I couldn’t really sit up, had limited internet access, and only an iPhone, I pretty much stuck to the previous month’s reading pool. The May pool is a bit of a hodge-podge, mostly comprised of leftovers from previous months.

  1. images-3.jpgLint — Steve Aylett
  2. The Water Knife — Paolo Bacigalupi
  3. The Young Bride — Alessandro Baricco
  4. A Night In the Cemetery — Anton Chekhov
  5. Religion For Atheists — Alain De Botton
  6. The Monk of Mokha — Dave Eggers
  7. Living — Henry Green
  8. The Loved Ones – Alia Mamdouh
  9. The Child in Time – Ian McEwan
  10. The Black Prince — Iris Murdoch
  11. Lizard Radio — Pat Schmatz
  12. Wanda Hickey’s Night of Golden Memories — Jean Shepherd
  13. My Gun Is Quick — Mickey Spillane
  14. Honeymoon To Nowhere — Akimitsu Takagi
  15. An Afghanistan Picture Show; or, How I Saved the World — William T. Vollmann
  16. Galápagos — Kurt Vonnegut
  17. Jailbird — Kurt Vonnegut
  18. Bluebird — Kurt Vonnegut
  19. Your Heart Is a Muscle the Size of a Fist – Sunil Yapa
  20. When Red Is Black – Qiu Xiaolong

4 thoughts on “Is It May Already?

  1. I’m glad you’re back. I checked in most days to see if you were updating, hoping everything was ok.


  2. Welcome back, Mike! Glad to hear you’re on the mend. I agree, getting old really sucks – but as the saying goes, it’s better than the alternative.


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