The Light (and Books) Ahead

images-1Big announcement: I am progressing in my Physical Therapy and can now use my cane for added stability (leaving the walker behind) and have even negotiated the stairs I need to go up to the big kitchen and have real meals with the family.

I still ache a bit but now I can sit at my desk for hours so it’s becoming easier to read as long as I focus on digit editions.

I’m getting better!

I realize that the most exciting reading I enjoy is also the most personally devastating. No, it’s not a postmodern novel or a political rant, rather it is the list that I develop making suggestions for future reading. Where can I find the time to read all those juicy books?

Is it a dream or a nightmare? Here is the reading I suggested this last month:

05-01-18 – I Can Give You Anything But Love — Gary Indiana
05-02-18 – When Red Is Black — Qui Xiaolong
05-03-18 – Elegy For My Beat Generation — Neeli Cherkovski
05-04-18 – The School of English — Hilary Mantel
05-05-18 – The City of Bras — S. A. Chakraborty
05-06-18 – Asymmetry — Lisa Halliday
05-07-18 – All For Nothing — Walter Kempowski
05-08-18 – The Monk of Mokha — Dave Eggers
05-09-18 – Frankenstein In Baghdad — Ahmed Saadawi
05-10-18 – The Explosion Chronicles: A Novel — Yan Lianke
05-11-18 – The Boat Rocker — Ha Jin
05-12-18 – Sunburn — Laura Lippman
05-13-18 – Motel Chronicles —Sam Shephard
05-14-18 – Coriolanus — William Shakespeare
05-15-18 – Here In Berlin — Cristina García
05-16-18 – Neon In Daylight — Hermione Hoby
05-17-18 – Vala or the Four Zoas — William Blake
05-18-18 – How To Stop Time — Matt Haig
05-19-18 – A Good Day For Seppuku — Kate Braverman
05-20-18 – A Fistful of Fig Newtons — Jean Shepherd
05-21-18 – The Sparsholt Affair — Alan Hollinghurt
05-22-18 – Death Wish — Brian Garfield
05-23-18 – The Neighborhood — Mario Vargas Llosa
05-24-18 – Robert B. Parker’s Slow Burn — Ace Atkins
05-25-18 – Kudos — Rachel Cusk
05-26-18 – Savage the Bones — Jesmyn Ward
05-27-18 – Freshwater — Akwaeke Emezi
05-28-18 – The Impossibility of Being Oscar — John Banville
05-29-18 – The Triumph of Christianity — Bart D. Ehrman
05-30-18 – The Association of Small Bombs — Karan Mahajan
05-31-18 – It’s Better Than It Looks: Reasons For Optimism In an Age of Fear — Gregg Easterbrook

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