Summer Sanctuary

Conj70frntonlyThis is one of two months of the year when quarterly and bi-annual journals show up in my mailbox with a one-two punch of stimulating new reading. No sooner had I begun flipping through Tin House when another thick issue of Conjunctions opened up even more impediments to my often chaotic published reading lists. But I’m not complaining!

Newly published:  Conjunctions:70, Sanctuary: The Preservation Issue

Start your summer reading with innovative new work by Diane Ackerman, Heather Altfeld, Rae Armantrout, Mary Jo Bang, Mauro Javier Cardenas, J’Lyn Chapman, Julia Elliott, Andrew Ervin, William Gaddis, Peter Gizzi, Rae Gouirand, Robin Hemley, Troy Jollimore, Robert Karron, Madeline Kearin, Marshall Klimasewiski, Byron Landry, Nam Le, Maria Lioutaia, Andrew Mossin, Debra Nystrom, Toby Olson, Peter Orner, Richard Powers, Jessica Reed, Donald Revell, Elizabeth Robinson, Joanna Ruocco, Kyra Simone, Erin Singer, Maya Sonenberg, Donna Stonecipher, Arthur Sze, S. P. Tenhoff, Daniel Torday, and Frederic Tuten.

Both Tin House and Conjunctions publish high quality paper and ink journals but they also have digital editions available for download from their sites (you must have a subscription). This is becoming fairly common in the publishing world from such literary journals to daily newspapers like the Washington Post and it’s a great use of the internet and digital media. For my subscription to Sceptic Magazine I opted for the digital edition only and am getting close to making the paperless move to my other subscriptions.

Another advantage of the digital publication is that the natural expansion is to publish excerpts from the current journal that may entice new readers and even to publish related short works that were not included in the print edition. For instance, go to the Conjunctions website to experience pieces from the authors currently displayed in the published full edition.

Digital editions save a lot of space and are often easier to read with the new digital readers instead of squinting at the physical pages. Also, whether it’s Conjunctions or Sceptic, the new readers are wonderful at rendering common text, fancy artistic poems, or excellent graphics and photos. Try digital editions; you’ll get used to reading this way rapidly and save yourself buying another bookshelf every few years.

What are your thoughts on this?

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