Speaking of Suggested Reading

images-1.jpgSuggested Reading: What does that mean to me?

Before there were ebooks, I often added to my personal suggested reading list by slowly walking up and down the aisles at the local Big Box Bookstore. Using this technique I would be attracted by the name of the author, the splashy cover art, the brief synopsis on the inside cover, or whether the book was on too low a shelf for my rapidly aging body to comfortably reach.

When local public libraries went online, I lost most of the triggers a book in my hand provided. But the online library allowed me to have a month full of reading waiting for me with a rubber band around it sitting on a will-call shelf near the front door of the library. Generally I heard about an author or a new title, checked if the library had obtained the title, and scheduled a quick visit in the next few days.

Nowadays I can discover a new book on the internet, possibly even with the cover art and other triggers. Then I download or purchase it, catalog and store it, and ultimately read it on my iPhone or iPad.

Here are last month’s daily reading suggestions. I wonder if I would still recommend them after I read them? It’s at least fifty-fifty I expect. I’m usually quite adept at avoiding clunkers.

07-01-18 – Empire of the Senseless — Kathy Acker
07-02-18 – Transit — Rachel Cusk
07-02-18 – Energy — Richard Rhodes
07-03-18 – San Miguel — T. C. Boyle
07-04-18 – Adjustment Day — Chuck Palahniak
07-05-18 – Warlight — Michael Ondaatje
07-06-18 – No Is Not Enough — Naomi Klein
07-07-18 – Demi-Gods — Eliza Robertson
07-08-18 – Convenience Store Woman — Sayaka Murata
07-09-18 – The Chandelier — Clarice Lispector
07-10-18 – American War — Omar El Akkad
07-11-18 – Who Is Vera Kelly? — Rosalie Knecht
07-12-18 – Becoming Kareem — Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
07-13-18 – Appetites — Anthony Bourdain
07-14-18 – The Only Story — Julian Barnes
07-15-18 – A Place for Us: A Novel — Fatima Farheen Mirza
07-16-18 – A Taste of Honey — Jabari Asim
07-17-18 – Asimov’s Guide to the Bible — Isaac Asimov
07-18-18 – Ecstasy — Mary Sharratt
07-19-18 – The Oracle Year: A Novel — Charles Soule
07-20-18 – The Decagon House Murders — Yukito Ayatsuji
07-21-18 – The Sky Over Lima — Juan Gómez Bárcena
07-22-18 – Injury Time — Beryl Bainbridge
07-23-18 – The Farfarers — Farley Mowat
07-24-18 – Less: A Novel — Andrew Sean Greer
07-25-18 – The Garden of Light — Amin Maalouf
07-26-18 – This Little Art — Kate Briggs,
07-27-18 – The Overstory — Richard Powers
07-28-18 – The Unpublished Vice: A Life of Reading — Edmund White
07-29-18 – The Casebook of Victor Frankenstein— Peter Ackroyd
07-30-18 – Richard II — William Shakespeare
07-31-18 – The Battle of Borodino: Napoleon Against Kutuzov — Alexander Mikaberidze

4 thoughts on “Speaking of Suggested Reading

  1. Going at this point by titles only, the two that catch my eye are The Casebook of Victor Frankenstein by Peter Ackroyd and Becoming Kareem by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.


    1. Did I ever mention that I went to the university with Lew (Kareem). I was a year ahead of him; in fact the first time I saw him he was dancing with a short girl from The Bronx (7’1 vs, 4’11). She became my first wife. My roommate that year in the dorm was the student manager of the team and I always had official UCLA Basketball T-shirts.

      Kareem is one very smart and dedicated man.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. How cool, Mike. I heard of him through his basketball and thought Lew Alcindor was such a great name and didn’t understand why he changed it. Read the sample of Becoming Kareem and that explains it perfectly. Just the first part of the book gives me new appreciation for him.


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