Clean-up Month


The last few months (years even) I have become ashamed of the number of titles I have been unable to finish reading. As should be understandable, most of these titles are the fattest books or most demanding narratives, many of which are experimental and therefore difficult reading despite their size.

So I am dedicating the month of September to an attempt to go back and resume reading these books. Sometimes, as I once did while attempting to resume reading War and Peace, I might find that I need to go back to page one so as to avoid confusion and brain strain.

These are some of the titles I have started but never finished:

  1. London Bridge — Louis-Ferdinand Céline
  2. Frog — Stephen Dixon
  3. The Golden Notebook — Doris Lessing
  4. Wolf Hall — Hilary Mantel
  5. The Counterlife — Philip Roth
  6. The Hellfire Club — Jake Tapper
  7. Infinite Jest — David Foster Wallace

If I need additional selections, I’ll just rely on the leftovers from the August reading pool:

  1. God: A Human History — Reza Aslan
  2. A Good Day for Seppuku — Kate Braverman
  3. Smile — Roddy Doyle
  4. The Woman In the Window — A. J. Finn
  5. Paris in the Present Tense: A Novel — Mark Helprin
  6. The Largesse of the Sea Maiden: Stories — Denis Johnson
  7. The Mars Room — Rachel Kushner
  8. The Greek Coffin Mystery — Ellery Queen
  9. Calypso — David Sedaris
  10. Parking Lot Attendant — Nafkote Tamirat
  11. Death of a Red Heroine — Qui Xiaolong

3 thoughts on “Clean-up Month

  1. I think you’ll enjoy finishing Wolf Hall. I certainly did, Mike, but I am a history geek. I am 71 now and only rule I have about reading is if the book seems uninteresting or not engaging after 100 pages, I stop since, reading time gets more and more precious the older we get. Enjoy your reading this month.


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