Am I Running Out of Suggestions?


How many years have I been scanning new book lists, digging through my personal library, noting suggestions from the newspapers or booksellers, and creating a daily reading selection to feed my own TBR list and also to provide suggestions to other readers?

Oh, I know that more and more stuff is getting published but more and more I am losing the capacity or acumen to consistently select a new book to read just because it’d new or has a flashy cover.

Also, as my remaining years are shorter and shorter, I am beginning to look more to the classic literature I have yet to  read. I guess I could have been a ravenous reader of Stephen King but I just can’t see the value in that, especially when I have some many Henry James titles yet to read.

Also, if you’ll pardon the inconsistency, I have hundreds of mystery, police procedural, detective, or who-done-its waiting on my digital reader ready to entertain me and even to pump up my little gray cells.

During November I made to following reading suggestions:

08-01-18 – A Great Idea at the Time — Alex Beam
08-02-18 – Circe — Madeline Miller
08-03-18 – Albion: The Origins of the English Imagination — Peter Ackroyd
08-04-18 – The Pisces — Melissa Broder
08-05-18 – Pericles — William Shakespeare
08-06-18 – The Death of Truth — Michiko Kakutani
08-07-18 – Crazy Rich Asians — Kevin Kwan
08-08-18 – Metamorphica — Zachary Mason
08-09-18 – More — Hakan Günday
08-10-18 – Cheaters — Novoneel Chakraborty
08-11-18 – Featuring the Saint — Leslie Charteris
08-12-18 – The Voyeur’s Motel — Gay Tales
08-13-18 – Posso Wells — Gabriela Alemán
08-14-18 – Kwaidan — Lafcadio Hearn
08-15-18 – Clock Dance —Anne Tyler
08-16-18 – Rome: A History of Seven Sackings
08-17-18 – In Search of Mary Shelley — Fiona Sampson
08-18-18 – King Kong Theory — Virginie Despentes
08-19-18 – Fred’s Funeral — Sandy Day
08-20-18 – Ice — Anna Kaven
08-21-18 – The Third Hotel — Laura Van Den Berg
08-22-18 – The Flamethrowers — Rachel Kushner
08-23-18 – Washington Black: A Novel — Esi Edugyan
08-24-18 – Snap — Belinda Bauer
08-25-18 – Milkman: A Novel — Anna Burns
08-26-18 – The Fabric of the Cosmos — Brian Greene
08-27-18 – The Killing Joke — Chrisa Faust
08-28-18 – Hippie — Paulo Coelho
08-29-18 – Severance — Ling Ma
08-30-18 – The Tangled Tree: A Radical New History of Life — David Quammen

What are your thoughts on this?

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