May My Reading Keep Me Young

download-4.jpgThe year is rapidly running down and soon I will have over 350 reading suggestions that make me panic. Time is running out. Sitting here in my office I scan the double files of books on my built-in bookshelves and realize that I will never read them all. Time is running out. If I stop and think about it, I’m torn between reading as many of the classical novels as I can fit in or concentrating on the more entertaining books that would probably be more fun to read.

So which would you opt for, Henry James or Mickey Spillane, the Venerable Bede or Agatha Christie? Do novels that are older than you, telling stories about a world longago keep you young, relatively, or are new books with modern problems and hip language force you to keep up with a younger group of readers and the topics that are of current interest?

Still, Harry Potter is boring and derivative and I refuse to read Stephen King.

I think I have been mixing more newer novels into my suggested reading lists with some success. Here are the reading suggestions I made in September; a good mixture?

09-01-18 – The Clockmaker’s Daughter — Kate Morton
09-02-18 – The Seas — Samantha Hunt
09-03-18 – The Ascent of F6 — Christopher Isherwood & W.H.Auden
09-04-18 – The Incendiaries — R. O. Kwon
09-05-18 – Do Angels Need Haircuts — Lou Reed
09-06-18 – Cherry: A Novel — Nico Walker
09-07-18 – Read Me — Leo Benedictus
09-08-18 – Measure For Measure — William Shakespeare
09-09-18 – John Woman — Walter Mosley
09-10-18 – Find Me — Laura Van Den Berg
09-11-18 – The Doctor Stories — William Carlos Williams
09-12-18 – The Penguin Book of Japanese Short Stories
09-13-18 – Fear — Bob Woodward
09-14-18 – China Rich Girlfriend — Kevin Kwan
09-15-18 – Killing Commendatore: A novel — Haruki Murakami
09-16-18 – An Absolutely Remarkable Thing: A Novel — Hank Green
09-17-18 – Ultimate Guide to Strange Cinema — Michael Vaughn
09-18-18 – When Rap Spoke Straight To God — Erica Dawson
09-19-18 – Lake Success: A Novel — Gary Shteyngart
09-20-18 – A Key To Treehouse Living — Elliot Reed
09-21-18 – We That Are Young — Preti Taneja
09-22-18 – Katarina — James Frey
09-23-18 – The Death of Expertise — Tom Nichols
09-24-18 – Hippie — Paul Coelho
09-25-18 – Origin Story — David Christian
09-26-18 – A River of Stars — Vanessa Hua
09-27-18 – Bridge of Clay — Markus Zusak
09-28-18 – The Garden Party — Grace Dane Mazur
09-29-18 – Notes From the Fog — Ben Marcus
09-30-18 – Murder In the Cathedral — T. S. Eliot
09-31-18 – 21 Lessons for the 21st Century Yuval Noah Harar

What are your thoughts on this?

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