As Another Year Fades Away

download-1.jpgWell I’m walking well but my eyesight sucks. Thank goodness for electronic manipulation of the text (bigger and more distinct) otherwise I’d be back to the curved page of an actual book and the further distorted view through even the best magnifying device held in my shaking hand.

This last month of the year I have a rather diverse pool of proposed reading. I started with the Oasis trilogy which I finally got the order of the books right and just to keep up with the idea of a trilogy opted for the three collected short novels of Gina Berriault. I almost went back to three novels by Kurt Vonnegut but instead filled in the list with a scattering of previously suggested novels or books I have been wanting to read for some time.

In all of this there are one or two real paper and ink books I hope to read despite the pain and effort required. My bookshelves may be impressive but books make a room only if they are read: constant rotation of those books on the shelf keeps them alive and fresh.

So for December I cobbled the following list together and I hope to read them all:

  1. Sanctificum — Chris Albani
  2. New Waw, Sahara Oasis — Ibrahim al-Koni
  3. The Puppet— Ibrahim al-Koni
  4. The Scarecrow— Ibrahim al-Koni
  5. God: A Human History — Resa Aslan
  6. The Son — Gina Berriault
  7. The Lights of Earth — Gina Berriault
  8. Conference of Victims — Gina Berriault
  9. London Bridge — Louis-Ferdinand Céline
  10. Streetwise — Mohamed Chaukri
  11. The Big Money — John Dos Passos
  12. Smile — Roddy Doyle
  13. Misquoting Jesus — Bart D. Ehrman
  14. Go Down, Moses — William Faulkner
  15. Zero History — William Gibson
  16. The Girl on the Train — Paula Hawkins
  17. Cash McCall — Cameron Hawley
  18. Loups-Garous — Natsuhiko Kyogoku
  19. Wolf Hall — Hilary Mantel
  20. Empire V — Victor Pelevin.



What are your thoughts on this?

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