The End

I have an interesting track record with literary publications … they keep disappearing, often just after I renew my subscription. Unfortunately, in this case it is one of my very favorites.  Tin House has accompanied me through many years of excellent reading.

I will miss it.


Dear Tin House Reader,

Tin House’s 20th Anniversary Issue, to be published in June 2019, will be the publication’s last. I’m grateful to Rob Spillman, Elissa Schappell, and Holly MacArthur, and the entire magazine staff, current and past, for their part in creating a vital, versatile outlet, and hosting important literary and cultural conversations over the past twenty years. It has been a remarkable run.

Given the current costs of producing a literary magazine, I have decided to shift resources to Tin House’s other two divisions: Tin House Books and the Tin House Workshop. This will allow the workshop to create more scholarship opportunities for its participants and expand the scope of what types of classes it offers, while our book division will look to publish more titles in the coming years. We will continue to publish original fiction, nonfiction, and poetry online, with a focus on publishing new voices, a cause the magazine championed throughout its twenty-year history.

From our authors to our readers, I’m honored to have had the support of an extraordinary literary community and look forward to continuing those relationships in the years to come. To those writers who have submitted to us over the years, thank you for tirelessly tackling the difficult, important work of making art. It’s been our honor and pleasure to read your writing. To all the members of the community to whom the magazine spoke, know that the spirit and ethos of that enterprise will continue to live on in the remaining divisions.

—Win McCormack, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief

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