A Quick List of February Suggestions


Despite being out of service for several days this last month, I had gotten ahead of my list of suggested reading so if you don’t remember my suggestion for any day, I was probably laying in the hospital enjoying the regular rhythm of the plastic blood-pressure cup strangling my arm and the monitors regularly beeping to keep me well rested.

Here are the titles I made note of this last February:

02-01-19 – Mouthful of Birds — Samantha Schweblin
02-02-19 – The Bastard of Istanbul — Elif Shafak
02-03-19 – Power — Naomi Alderman
02-04-19 – The Word Pretty — John Williams
02-05-19 – Love’s Labour’s Lost — William Shakespeare
02-06-19 – The Monkey-Wrench Gang — Edward Abbey
02-07-19 – The Age of Surveillance Capitalism — Shoshana Zuboff
02-08-19 – Fantasyland: How America Went Haywire: A 500-Year History — Kurt Andersen
02-09-19 – River of Teeth — Sarah Gailey
02-10-19 – Same Same — Peter Medelssund
02-11-19 – Maid — Stephanie Land
02-12-19 – Collected Stories — Henry James
02-13-19 – Landscape with Figures — Richard Jeffries
02-14-19 – At the End of the Century — Ruth Prawer Jhabvala
02-15-19 – After My Fashion — John Cowper Powys
02-16-19 – Dictionary of the English Language — Samuel Johnson
02-17-19 – The Test — Sylvain Neuvel
02-18-19 – Artificial Condition — Martha Wells
02-19-19 – America Is Not the Heart — Elaine Castillo
02-20-19 – Black Leopard, Red Wolf — Marlon James
02-21-19 – The Annals of Petronius Jablonski — Petronius Jablonski
02-22-19 – The Myth of Human Supremacy — Derrick Jensen
02-23-19 – The Children’s Game — Max Karpov
02-24-19 – The Iliad of Homer – Richard Lattimore
02-25-19 – How To Disappear: Notes On Invisibily in a Time of Transparency — Akiko Busch
02-26-19 – Readopolis – Bertrand Laverdure
02-27-19 – Blood Percussion — Nate Marshall
02-28-19 – Where Did You Go? Out. What Did You Do? Nothing. — Robert Paul Smith

Looking back at this list two yers later and following over a year of pandemic withdrawal from any social life I am shocked to see that at best I have only read two, maybe three, of these titles and can only see two or three that I remember considering since this list was published. My only defense: there are just too many books to read!

What are your thoughts on this?

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