Just When I Thought I Was Out, They Pull Me Back In!

Last night I dreamed I went to the library and the shelves were all empty. I asked the librarian and she told me I had read all the books, thus fulfilling my quest. A dark shadow passed over the skylight, heading for Lonely Mountain.

An omen?

Lately I have more than once considered simplifying my life by eliminating all or parts of this web site. Those of you who have been around a long time may remember some site features that disappeared or merged with other features. One persistent urge I have is to eliminate the daily reading suggestion. After all, anything that has to be done daily tends to become a chore.

But then, just as I was sure I had run out of suggestions, new and exciting titles started popping up all over. Richness, variety, and even more complication in my life.

Oh well …

This was the list of books you might consider from last month:


03-01-19 – Missy Piggle-Wiggle and the Whatever Cure — Ann M. Martin
03-02-19 – When Paris Sizzled — Mary McAuliffe
03-03-19 – Hemingway’s Suitcase — Dennis McDougal
03-04-19 – Why the Gospels Are Myth — Richard Carrier
03-05-19 – The Source of Self-Regard — Toni Morrison
03-06-19 – Figuring — Maria Popova
03-07-19 – The Gun Seller – Hugh Laurie
03-08-19 – The Better Angels of Our Nature — Steven Pinker
03-09-19 – We Cast a Shadow — Maurice Carlos Ruffin
03-10-19 – All the Lies We Ever Lived — Katharine Smyth
03-11-19 – Bowlaway — Elizabeth McCraken
03-12-19 – Robinson Crusoe — Daniel Defoe
03-13-19 – Peyton Place — Grace Metalious
03-14-19 – The Frolic of the Beasts — Yukio Mishima
03-15-19 – Technics and Civilization — Lewis Mumford
03-16-19 – A Fairly Honourable Defeat — Iris Murdoch
03-17-19 – At Swim, Two Boys — James O’Neill
03-18-19 – White Serpent Castle — Lensey Namioka
03-19-19 – The West End Horror — Nicholas Meyer
03-20-19 – Tales of the South Pacific — James A. Michener
03-21-19 – Angela’s Ashes: A Memoir — Frank McCourt
03-22-19 – Woman — Richard Matheson
03-23-19 – Cakes and Ale — W. Somerset Maugham
03-24-19 – The Loved Ones — Alia Mamdouh
03-25-19 – Eldritch Tales — H. P. Lovecraft
03-26-19 – Finn Mac Cool — Morgan Llywelyn
03-27-19 – The Conjoined — Jen Sookfong Lee
03-28-19 – Gidget — Frederick Kohner
03-29-19 – The Ghost in the Machine — Arthur Koestler
03-30-19 – Teatro Grottesco — Thomas Ligotti
03-31-19 – Ten Questions Science Can’t Answer (Yet!): A Guide to Science’s Greatest Mysteries — Michael Hanlon

What are your thoughts on this?

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