Stacking Up the Titles

download.jpgI was recently congratulated for having completed my monthly reading pool. Books, though, are like enchanted brooms and no matter how many I read, these is always a tide of new reading threatening to wash me away.

Besides, my current quest to read beaucoup de genre novels, especially detective and mystery fiction, results in five or six completions in the same time it might take me to read one George Eliot or Charles Dickens.

This month I’ve toyed with the idea to read a select few big, fat books, or once again race through a couple dozen more direct entertainments. I opted for the long list of fun reading with one or two more challenging titles thrown in for sustained interest. Next month, however, I’m contemplating two-out-of-three falls with the likes of A Man Without Qualities and Clarissa Harlowe.

So for October I present the following reading list. It should be fun.

  1. Beasts Head for Home: A Novel — Kōbō Abe
  2. Motherland Hotel — Yusuf Atilgan
  3. The Swimming-Pool Library — Alan Hollinghurst
  4. Until Proven Guilty — J. A. Jance
  5. Cold Dish — Craig Johnson
  6. Number One Chinese Restaurant — Lillian Li
  7. The Neon Jungle — John D. MacDonald
  8. Pusher — Ed McBain
  9. Machines Like Me — Ian McEwan
  10. Forbidden Colors — Yukio Mishima
  11. The Natashas — Yelena Moskovich
  12. Edwin of the Iron Shoes — Marcia Muller
  13. Passport To Peril — Robert B. Parker
  14. Laguna Heat — T. Jefferson Parker
  15. The Girl from the Metropol Hotel: Growing Up in Communist Russia — Ludmilla Petrushevskaya
  16. Angels On Toast — Dawn Powell
  17. Wolf Solent — John Cowper Powys
  18. The Part of Me That Isn’t Broken Inside — Kazufumi Shiraishi
  19. The Mine — Antti Tuomainen
  20. Strega — Andrew Vachss

One thought on “Stacking Up the Titles

  1. Mysteries, my kind of reading! (i.e. current favorite genre)

    I started reading Muller’s Sharon McCone series back in the 80s and am pretty much up to date with them, in the 30s. My favorite author of the ones listed. Going to try the Carpenter and Quincannon series written with her husband Bill Pronzini soon.


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