Lest We Forget

51I+TJjcZgL._SX305_BO1,204,203,200_Well, maybe it’s not that important to remember but each day I publish a new title that catches my interest and, despite the odds against it, I just might read one of these days. Actually, I probably read two or three of these books eventually and if you read two or three of these books and if … well, chances are someone, somewhere will contemplate reading one or more of these books so the suggestions will not be in vain.

Although I am currently reading a lot of detective stories, I tend not to include them on the suggested reading lists. After all, they tend to be simple entertainments that breeze by before the little gray cells get ruffled. Unfair? Probably. Remember, one of the main criteria I use for selecting the suggested reading is that the title catches my eye: with detective stories and mysteries, all the titles are designed to catch my eye. Luckily I tend to read digital copies of these texts: can you imagine if I was selecting reading suggestions based on the lurid, half-naked artwork that adorns so many of these novels? I still have dreams about Mickey Spillane’s I, The Jury.

Here is the list of suggestions I made last month. I wonder what the cover-art showed.

09-01-19 – Steampunk: Poe — Zdenko Basic
09-02-19 – One Toss of the Dice — R. Howard Bloch
09-03-19 – Hard Mouth: A Novel — Amanda Goldblatt
09-04-19 – A Tomb for Anatole — Paul Auster
09-05-19 – The Lost Girls of Camp Forevermore — Kim Fu
09-06-19 – A Place for Us: A Novel — Fatima Farheen Mirza
09-07-19 – Empty Hearts — Juli Zeli
09-08-19 – A Girl Returned — Donatella di Pietrantonio
09-09-19 – Shogun — James Clavell
09-10-19 – The Substitution Order — Martin Clark
09-11-19 – The Nickel Boys — Colson Whitehead
09-12-19 – Wilder Girls — Rory Power
09-13-19 – Three Women — Lisa Taddeo
09-14-19 – Killing Orders — Sara Paretsky
09-15-19 – Signs Preceding the End of the World — Yuri Herrera
09-16-19 – The Knife — Jo Nesbo
09-17-19 – Cherry: A Novel — Nico Walker
09-18-19 – FKA USA: A Novel — Reed King
09-19-19 – The Snakes — Sadie Jones
09-20-19 – Never a Lovely So Real — Colin Asher
09-21-19 – Whisper Network — Chandler Baker
09-22-19 – Love on the Dole — Walter Greenwood
09-23-19 – Terry Southern: Magic Christian — Thomas Milan Konda
09-24-19 – Our Mathematical Universe — Max Tegmark
09-25-19 – Deep River — Karl Marlantes
09-26-19 – The Sound of Things Falling — Juan Gabriel Vasquez
09-27-19 – Susperia de Profundis — Thomas de Quincy
09-28-19 – Death of Truth: Notes on Falsehood in the Age of Trump — Michiko Kakutani
09-29-19 – Borges and Joyce: An Infinite Conversation — Patricia Novillo-Corvalán
09-30-19 – Circus: or, Moira Orfei in Aigues-Mortes: A Novel — Wayne Koestenbaum

What are your thoughts on this?

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