Reading Is Important

I found this little blurb at the site dealing with the Secrets of Self Development:

Reading is important because it develops our thoughts,
gives us endless knowledge and lessons to read while
keeping our minds active. Reading books can help us
learn, understand and makes us smarter. Not to mention
the knowledge, vocabulary expansion and thinking skills
we develop, so read a good book today!

images.jpgI try to suggest an intriguing new title each day, a book that caught my eye and one which I would be reading tomorrow if it weren’t that there were so many books I want to read .. tomorrow and the next day and three years from now. We all know about people who don’t or can’t read and that is sad . As Dr. Seuss tells us: “The more that you read, The more things you will know. The more that you learn, The more places you’ll go.”.

Each month I round up the previous month’s suggestions into a convenient wish list for future reading .. reading for me and, hopefully, for many other followers of this weblog. In the midst of all the fear and dying and lack of Federal leadership in America, I still found plenty of fiction to fill up a month of Sundays. Here is the list:

04-01-20 – Death, Immortality, and Meaning in Life — John Martin Fischer
04-02-20 – Tiny Love: The Complete Stories of Larry Brown — Larry Brown
04-03-20 – Survival Math — Mitchell S. Jackson
04-04-20 – In the Valleys of the Noble Beyond — John Zada
04-05-20 – Barbarians: Secrets of the Dark Ages — Richard Rudgley
04-06-20 – The Book of Baruch by the Gnostic Justin — Geoffrey Hill
04-07-20 – Aleister Crowley: The Nature of the Beast — Colin Wilson
04-08-20 – A Taste of Honey: Stories — Jabari Asim
04-09-20 – Mrs. Fletcher — Tom Perotta
04-10-20 – Uncanny Valley: A Memoir — Anna Wiener
04-11-20 – Bait and Switch — Barbara Ehrenreich
04-12-20 – The Life of Saul Bellow — Zachary Leader
04-13-20 – Le passé simple — Driss Chraibi
04-14-20 – My Life As a Rat — Joyce Carol Oates
04-15-20 – They Ate the Waitress? — D. N. Schmidt
04-16-20 – 10 Minutes 38 Seconds In This Strange World — Elif Shafak
04-17-20 – Bitter Orange — Claire Fuller
04-18-20 – The Splendid and the Vile — Erik Larson
04-19-20 – Agape Agape — William Gaddis
04-20-20 – The Black Cathedral — Marcial Gala
04-21-20 – Homie — Danez Smith
04-22-20 – The Lives of Others — Need Mukherjee
04-23-20 – A Sportsman’s Notebook — Ivan Turgenev
04-24-20 – Yellow Earth — John Sayles
04-25-20 – 1968: Eye Hotel — Karen Tei Yamashita
04-26-20 – Music: A Subversive History — Ted Gioia
04-27-20 – Moral Politics: How Liberals and Conservatives Think — George Lakoff
04-28-20 – Lost in Translation — Nicole Mones
04-29-20 – I Am Ozzy — Ozzy Osbourne
04-30-20 – An Instinct For Truth: Curiosity and the Moral Character of Science — Robert Pennock

What are your thoughts on this?

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