Death Cult 2020


The Trump re-election campaign thus acknowledges that it is actually a death cult. Furthermore, it is counting on the inherent stupidity and blind loyalty of its fundamentally white supremacist base to offer their lives and safety so that a fat fascist moron will feel good about himself and not have to cower in some dark corner afraid that divine retribution or Vladimir Putin might call him out.

Consider this:

If you visit the local zoo you may see a large sign affixed to the tiger cage where three or four huge carnivorous cats are patrolling back and forth, chuffing and anxious for their next feast of raw red meat.

By entering this gate you are acknowledging that
an inherent risk of being horrifically mauled
resulting in bones being cracked and large chucks
of flesh being consumed. By entering this enclosure,
you and any guests voluntarily assume all risks
related to being consumed by a tiger and agree not
to hold the tigers, the zoo, or any of their
affiliates, directors, offices, employees, agents,
contractors, or volunteers liable for any injuries,
or death.

Would you enter? Remember, there is no Lady, only hungry Tigers.


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