Here Comes the Bus

In an age of Data Mining, Facebook Scrapes, and Truthiness, is Occam’s Razor still a valid approach to critical thinking?

Everyday I am bombarded by political analysis which asks if Bunker Boy Donald is a Fascist, a Con-Man, a Moron. It goes without saying that Der Drumpt is all of those and then some, but does being a Racist, even a delusional Racist who lies and cheats, bringing chaos and cruelty to the American way of Life, sufficiently explain what is actually going on?

Today the big question is, despite a recent tell-all book revealing that Der Drumpt is only concerned for his own well-being and his own reelection, Bunker Boy seems to be doing everything he can to turn-off vast numbers of citizens of this country, systematically reducing any chance he has for reelection.



It all seems easy and understandable. Occam’s Razor states that given the same set of circumstances, the simplest solution is often the best. There is only one simple answer that explains all the conundrums: Der Drumpt is a bought and payed for agent of Russia. Yes, he’s also a self-aggrandizing moron with little hands but does he need intelligence, empathy, or honesty to follow the instructions of his leader and ersatz-friend Vladimir Putin?

My prediction: Since Der Drumpt is assured an extended residence in a maximum security facility not long after he is voted out of office and since the prospect of watching his criminal enterprises dissolve under the pressure of the legal system and social disgust, Bunker Boy will abscond to Moscow before being humiliated in the November election. If they’re lucky, his friends Rudy Giuliani, William Barr, Mitch McConnell, Stephen Miller, Jared Kushner, and Ivanka Trump, will join him to continue the grift from outside the United States.

I know Der Drumpt is nowhere near as rich as he purports to be—in fact, evidence suggests he is deeply in debt to Russia—so walking away from his holdings in the United States won’t actually be much of a loss. He might even gift them all to his two sons and try for yet-another tax write-off as he jets off to the Fatherland that Queens never was.


It requires no explanation other than that Bunker Boy is doing what he is told to do and everything he does is designed to destroy the United States of America.

What am I saying? Drumpt doesn’t pay taxes.

Drumpt will get his wish and be extensively represented in the history books, supplanting all that dated discussion of Benedict Arnold.

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