Reading From the Bunker


My apologies to Jody Hamilton (who graces her bunker much better than I do mine).

Another month of lock-down; another month of frozen dinners; another month of deep stupidity coming from Washington D. C.; another month of mendacious moronity from the White House; another month of reading; and another month of reading suggestions.

Actually, my reading seems to be going up like Covid-19 cases in Texas but I’m not sure it is following my own suggestions. Take this last month: I read well over twenty books but only two titles are on the suggested list. But then, the reading does not track closely with the suggestions so the evidence may be unreliable.

However, I am trying to catch up on the books I failed to read from earlier lists, both suggested and pooled, so I should be seeing more and more blue entries as the months go by.

Here are the titles I suggested to be read  last month. I notice a couple that I’m planning to read any day now so I’ll take that as evidence of progress.

06-01-20 – Constancia and Other Stories for Virgins — Carlos Fuentes
06-02-20 – The Shadow Land — Elizabeth Kostova
06-03-20 – Opoid, Indiana — Brian Allen Carr
06-04-20 – Carpenter’s Gothic — William Gaddis
06-05-20 – A Theory of Human Motivation — Abraham H. Maslow
06-06-20 – The Resisters — Gish Jen
06-07-20 – James Joyce — Gordon Bowker
06-08-20 – Little Gods — Meng Jin
06-09-20 – Selected Poems of Pablo Neruda — Ben Belitt, ed.
06-10-20 – Processed Cheese — Stephen Wright
06-11-20 – What’s Your Pronoun — Dennis Barton
06-12-20 – Tyll — Daniel Kehlmann
06-13-20 – McGlue — Ottessa Moshfegh
06-14-20 – She Was No More — Pierre Boileau
06-15-20 – Clochemerle — Gabriel Chevalier
06-16-20 – H(A)PPY — Nicola Barker
06-17-20 – Tribesmen: A Novella of Supernatural Cannibal Horror — Adam Cesare
06-18-20 – Everywhere You Don’t Belong — Gabriel Bump
06-19-20 – Famous Nathan — Lloyd Handwerker
06-20-20 – Weather — Jenny Offill
06-21-20 – Why We’re Polorized — Ezra Klein
06-22-20 – Caffeine — Michael Pollan
06-23-20 – Self-Portrait in Green — Marie NDiaye
06-24-20 – Sister Agatha: The World’s Oldest Serial Killer — Domhnall O’Dohoghue
06-25-20 – Civilized To Death: The Price of Progress — Christopher Ryan
06-26-20 – The Plot to Destroy Democracy — Malcolm Nance
06-27-20 – The Girl in the Tree — Şebnem İşigüze
06-28-20 – God’s Armies: Crusade and Jihad: Origins, History, Aftermath — Malcolm Lambert
06-29-20 – Not Born Yesterday: The Science of Why We Trust and What We Believe — Hugo Mercier
06-30-20 – Reader Come Home: The Reading Brain in a Digital World — Maryanne Wolf

What are your thoughts on this?

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