Traitor Tot

I acknowledge that the T***p administration probably has done more to destroy American Democracy that any force in history, and that includes the bad guys in World War II. But at times the relationship between T***p and his detractors is something straight out of PeeWee’s Big Adventure: “I know you are but what am I?”

We have all witnessed the attempts at belittling and damaging character that T***p regularly spouts: Liddle or Crooked or Sleepy or Fake. I have always taken these childish epithets to be a sign of the weakness of the T***p position. If you have no good argument and are severely limited in your skills of persuasion, then call your opponent a name and make it sound like you are the superior party when it’s obvious to any critically thinking observers that you are a loser.


But then we turn around on the other side and regularly call T***p names, names that may well be hurtful and designed not just to avoid saying the name of the evil-one, but more often to ridicule him and make fun of his more comical characteristics and shortcomings. Do we want to do this? Even though these names are far more imaginative, erudite, and accurate, if one side resorts to name calling, should the other follow suit?

I myself have been guilty of this name calling. True, for the most part I restricted myself to referencing Der Drumph but there are so many choice epithets out there others swear by; considers this short list:

  1. Cheeto Mussolini
  2. Bunker Boy
  3. Angry Creamsicle
  4. Captain Chaos
  5. Cadet Bone Spurs
  6. Agent Orange
  7. Rome Burning In Man Form
  8. Screaming Carrot Demon
  9. World’s Greatest Troll
  10. Godzilla with Less Foreign Policy Experience
  11. Tangerine Tornado
  12. Creep Throat
  13. Vagina Neck
  14. Trumplethinskin
  15. Tiny Hands Sir
  16. Drumpf
  17. Fuckface Von Clownstick
  18. Putin’s Bitch
  19. Donald Poopy-Pants
  20. Captain Adderall
  21. Traitor Tot
  22. Benedict Donald
  23. Bratman
  24. Diaper Donald
  25. Groper-In-Chief
  26. Snake Oil Salesman
  27. Grifter-In-Chief
  28. Combover Calligula.

I understand there are hundreds more, but I intend to follow an esteemed author (JCO) who refuses to call names but at the same time cannot bring herself to spell-out the nom-de-creep and simply elides a few characters leaving the name un-said but still identifiable.

So, instead of being Traitor Tot or Bunker Boy he will henceforth be simply T***p.

First, I once seriously considered Poopy Diaper as the best appellation but now that T***p is no longer in the White House, I see that TFG works well: The Former Guy.

What are your thoughts on this?

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