Aw, Nubbins!

I have had a tough week.

First, WordPress, the site which hosts my weblog, dropped support for the editor I finally had gotten used to, making updates and additions somewhat more efficient than they had been under the old old editor. Now there is the new “Block” editor and I was forced to go page by page through the website updating to the new editor.

And this doesn’t even account for the added time I was forced to spend learning new ways to do what was almost automatic before.

I wrote to WordPress support concerning a few problems the new editor presented and the response I got was that the expensive premium theme I was using to create the website was no longer supported and it was suggested that migrating to a newer theme might solve some of my problems.

I spent two days reviewing the available themes, both gratis and expensive, but it seemed that more examples were designed around visuals (photos) and textual elements were de-emphasized. It took two days to find an acceptable theme that preserved my original weblog without throwing in too much confusion (like rotating visuals and photo galleries). I have to admit that WordPress offers excellent tools to appliqué the old site onto the new theme in a test mode. You get to see before you buy!

So I converted to the new editor and then converted to the new theme; now I am plugging away at making the little changes that did not seem to survive the transitions.

I offer all this, not simply to complain but more so to warn that things may be a little messy for a while until I get up to speed with the new theme and the new editor. I have been assured that I will have an easier and happier experience with the new WordPress.

We’ll see.

One other confession: with the rapidly diminishing time of old age, I’m tending to make my life simpler and simpler. Some features on this website might disappear or at least be made less complex. It’s all a part of my concentration on reading and not on supporting reading as much. So no colored graphs, no extended reviews, no nuts in my cookies.

Keep It Simple, Stupid.

2 thoughts on “Aw, Nubbins!

  1. We!!, I’m impressed you took on the new changes to WordPress and have come out on top. I thinkk you are right to slim down your time spent on not reading. I appreciate all you do, and have for a long time. So well done!


    1. Thanks. Luckily I haven’t committed my life to social media and that leaves a lot of time for reading too (as does not having a television .. but then there’s Netflix).


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