The Grift Goes On

Can’t you still hear Sonny and Cher lip-synching in Black and White on Bandstand: The Grift Goes On .. Da Da Da DaDa Da.

There’s still plenty of time and ample opportunity for T***p to stuff a few suitcases with all the recent contributions scammed via a protracted campaign to save the election from corruption (ha!) and skidaddle off to a country which has no extradition treaty with the USA. Saudi Arabia? Jared would probably approve. Russia? How about reuniting with his love-buddy in North Korea?

He’s finished in this country so why stay? Do you expect him to chase cockroaches in Mar-a-Lago while his buildings are rebranded, his golf courses foreclosed, criminal prosecutors knock on the door, and a gallery of under-qualified lawyers who never have time for his whining?

What if Putin decides T***p’s usefulness is beyond its expiration date and no longer bothers to take his calls?

Or do you see an orange jumpsuit in his future?

Latest issue of TIME Magazine

What are your thoughts on this?

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