The New Carnage

Out of all the excellent political cartoons being published in this country and around the world, I think this one best reflects the T***p ethos.

From The Atlantic:

Law enforcement is preparing for future violence. This week, the Army announced that it will deploy 6,000 National Guard troops for Joe Biden’s inauguration. But far-right extremists are not deterred—far from it. They are already reportedly plotting more rallies, including a return to Washington, D.C., before or on the inauguration, this time with more guns. For many Trump rally-goers, the events at the Capitol on Wednesday may be the “spark” that radicalizes them[.]

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

3 thoughts on “The New Carnage

    1. Two concerns:

      First, there seems to be a lot of chatter flying around suggesting that a violent response to support the peaceful patriots who attempted to Stop the Steal [sic] at the nation’s Capitol is being prepared for the future. The Inauguration perhaps?

      Second, I’m torn between focusing on literature and only occasionally commenting on current affairs and going all out exposing (or at least discussing) the lies and hypocrisy that are behind the curtain of American Exceptionalism.

      Then again, I could just retreat and get to reading Burton.


      1. I think for your own peace of mind, b urton would be your choice. I’m 74 and for the first time in my life I’m seriously contemplating not voting. However, as the granddaughter of a working class suffragette, I feel that I should vote and taken interest in politics, but it has become so stupid, violent and basically corruption, some days I can’t even bring myself to listen to the news. The level of discussion is so damaging to one’s mental equilibrium. I was astonished to see the recent scenes in the Capital. It seems that the dogs of warfare been unleashed all over the world. I think the UK is so divided socially and economically tnatscenes of a similar nature are not unimaginable here. Keep well andcalm , Mike a d army on reading.


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