The Lights Are Dimmed In the City

A few years back I was stopped cold when I learned that Maria Callas had died. I might even have sobbed a bit. Today I had a similar reaction when I read that Lawrence Ferlinghetti had died.

5 thoughts on “The Lights Are Dimmed In the City

  1. Michael,
    I wanted to use a few lines and hopefully change your opinion about some aspects of Stephen King.
    I understand you literary argument. However I’d like to share a personal segment from my life. As I was raising my teen-age son , decades ago, I failed to get him interested in literature. However, through the high school grape vine he turned to Stephen King novels. During the summer of 1994 King was making a cross country road trip to encourage people to support local stand alone bookstores . As you might recall they were in the fight of their lives against the corporate giants. We listen to him speak about buying local , some reminisces musing on other aspects of his life.He went on to read from one of his new books. And concluded the last hour answering Q & A. He made an impact on my son in a good way. For that I am thankful.
    I might add in closing King despised Der T…p as much as you did.


    1. As you suggest, admiring the author Stephen King is a good thing but that is far different from admiring the works of the author Stephen King. In 1964 I went to a political rally for Barry Goldwater and admired the Hell out of the guy; however, his politics were abhorrent and I knew I could never vote for him. Then consider Ezra Pound: his works are admired but he personally was a bit of a stinker. Or Charles Bukowski: most people dislike both his works and his personality. What’s a good example of a like-like .. there must be several but I’m drawing a blank .. Stan Lee?


      1. Wonderful comparison . However, you shocked me with the admiration of Goldwater. While I am younger than you I always imagined his war hawk was at the forefront of his campaign.


      2. Note: I admired Goldwater as a person but abhorred his politics .. that seems to imply that I did not ascribe to his bellicose platform. However, looking back now, what would Vietnam have become if it wasn’t for the likes of Lyndon Johnson? Who’s your daisy?


      3. Now I recall what my cousin said People said if I vote for Goldwater I’ll end up on Vietnam. Dammit I voted for Goldwater and I was sent to Vietnam


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