2 Shots and 28 Days of Reading

Being old and severely challenged, health-wise, I was driven down to what appeared to be a massive tailgate party near the hospital where the minions of mercy, masked and otherwise wrapped in sterile blue jump suits, gave me my first shot of Covid-19 vaccine. Next week I’ll go for the second shot and then I’ll take a chance on making an appointment with my regular doctor: the first in a year. Oh, I’m probably in better shape than I was before this pandemic but I rely on several medications for my heart, diabetes, and blood pressure, and the professionals will not renew my prescriptions without seeing me first.

This seems to happen every year and every year. I just shake my head and follow orders. After all, I’ve only been under treatment for most of these ailments for twenty plus years and the resident doctors insisting on checking me out are hardly much older than that. Who knows: maybe my afib will have fixed itself and my diabetes will have gone away .. and that stroke I had .. does it still count?

Nevertheless, it will be interesting to contemplate a gradual return to society, even if it interferes with my current, super-charged reading.

Just in case you missed the excellent suggestions I published throughout the last month, here is a refresher list to pique your interest:

02-01-21 – Last Couple Standing — Matthew Norman
02-02-21 – Crooked Hallelujah — Kelli Jo Ford
02-03-21 – Chronos — André Chocron
02-04-21 – The Death of Vivek Oji — Akwaeke Emezi
02-05-21 – Afterland — Lauren Beukes
02-06-21 – At Night, I Become a Monster — Your Sumino
02-07-21 – The White Feather — P. G. Wodehouse
02-08-21 – God Shot — Chelsea Bieker
02-09-21 – Where Did You Go? Out. What Did You Do? Nothing. — Robert Paul Smith
02-10-21 – Wade In the Water — Tracy K. Smith
02-11-21 – Olivia — Dorothy Strachey
02-12-21 – Shadowplay — Joseph O’Connor
02-13-21 – Posthumous Memoirs of Brás Cubas — Machano de Assis
02-14-21 – The Margot Affair — Sanaë Lemoine
02-15-21 – Bound To Please: Essays On Great Writers and Their Books — Michael Dirda
02-16-21 – On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous — Ocean Vuong
02-17-21 – The Snakes — Sadie Jones
02-18-21 – The Biggest Bluff: How I Learned To Pay Attention, Master Myself, and Win — Maria Konnikova
02-19-21 – The Executioner’s Song — Norman Mailer
02-20-21 – Death In Her Hands — Ottesa Moshfegh
02-21-21 – Miss Iceland — Auður Ava Ólafsdóttir
02-22-21 – Nine Shiny Objects — Brian Castleberry
02-23-21 – Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together In the Cafeteria? — Beverly Daniel Tatum, PhD.
02-24-21 – Tomboy Land — Melissa Faliveno
02-25-21 – Too Much—Never Enough — Mary L. Trump, Phd.
02-26-21 – Blue Ticket — Sophie Mackintosh
02-27-21 – Blue Movie — Terry Southern
02-28-21 – The Moral Arc: How Science and Reason Lead Humanity Toward Truth, Justice, and Freedom — Michael Shermer

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