Qonspiracy Warehouse

Bill Murray used to do a very funny routine where he was the sleazy piano bar musician playing inane tunes and urging a sing-along to an audience which was oblivious to his kitschy banter. Do you know the words to the music of Star Wars? We all roared with laughter. But my mother had a very different reaction. Having a great deal of experience in small piano bars, she saw Murray as the quintessential loser struggling to remain relevant: he wasn’t funny; he was sad. My mother didn’t like Bill Murray … he was too real.

Michael Shermer’s dark comedy sketch Qonspiracy Warehouse is clever, even humorous; but does it suffer from the same problem as Murray’s lounge singer … it’s too real?

My old neighbor would sit and cry for all the innocent babies being used as pizza toppings to satisfy HRC’s evil craving. Although sometimes she would get confused and insist that the blood lust was occurring deep in the basement of the local Planned Parenthood clinic .. in the ping-pong room. I haven’t spoken to her in a few years but I’m pretty sure she’s worked Jewish space lasers into the mix by now.

I’m confident that anyone would conclude that Qonspiracy Warehouse was fictional and satirical, but echoing the immortal words of Sidney Powell, “No reasonable person” could possibly think that the QAnon conspiracy was real. But they do, and it is sad … and dangerous. I wonder how many internet queries for Qonspiracy Warehouse were targeting this video and how many were actually seeking the services of the very hush-hush Qonspiracy Warehouse hotline?

How much of America is made up of citizens that actually cannot pass the reasonable person test? How much of congress?

Here’s an interesting article from Skeptic dealing with the threat of QAnon: QAnon Is Just a Warmed Over Witch Panic — and It’s Also Very Dangerous by Daniel Loxton.

What are your thoughts on this?

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