Ways of Water

The newest issue of my favorite literary journal is available and you should check it out.

Ways of Water

Spring 2023
Edited by Bradford Morrow

Water abides at the heart of life. Oceans, lakes, ponds, springs, rivers, creeks, clouds, rain, snow, ice. And through evaporation, the cycle from sea to sky to storm evolves anew. A story begins when water breaks and parents rush to the hospital. Floods and avalanches, tsunamis and hurricanes, not to mention droughts, famine, and fire, are capable of bringing that story to an end. Water is, or ought to be, as revered as any god. After all, it hosted the birthplace of our ancestors—think sand-sized Saccorhytus, think Tiktaaliks, think tetrapods—and continues to sustain all creatures that reside on land, fly through air, or still swim or float along.

Consider the transcendent nature of a glass of water. How crucial water is to myth, literature, religion, science, commerce, recreation, to all manner of cultural activity. Yet—due in part to human neglect and greed and destructiveness—lakes are drying up, icecaps are melting, rivers are falling, oceans are rising, rains are so compromised with toxins we dare not drink from cisterns.

If our relationship with water has always been crucial, it has never been more critical than now. We sometimes find ourselves at sea, bewildered and uncertain. We sometimes put to sea, embarking on adventure. We dive, sail, and surf, drop our line at a fishing hole. We sit with a book on the beach, watch the tides by moonlight. Some pray beside still waters while others frolic in the waves. We row, row, row down the stream thinking life’s but a dream. We are known to go off the deep

Look at all the good stuff in this issue:

  • Kristin Posehn The Wave Readers
  • Julia Elliott Arcadia Lakes
  • Colin Channer Hurricane Suite
  • Leila Philip Between the Drumlins
  • Joyce Carol Oates Flint Kill Creek
  • Cindy Juyoung Ok Four Poems
  • Elizabeth Robinson Tear Suite
  • Can Xue, Karen Gernant, Chen Zeping Mother River
  • Allegra Hyde Dear Employee
  • Lindsey Drager Rainmaking
  • Frederic Tuten Uncle Umberto’s Orchard
  • Danielle Dutton Pool of Tears: A Play in One Act
  • Cole Swensen Water Works
  • Ryan Flaherty Three Narrows
  • Yxta Maya Murray Titanic
  • Susan Stewart “It Is the death of water to become earth”
  • Jessica Campbell The Scales
  • Jess Arndt Zoop
  • Ryan Habermeyer A North American Field Guide to Glaciers
  • Anna Badkhen All the Rivers
  • Sangamithra Iyer Letter to My Submerged Father
  • Michael M. Weinstein Depths
  • Shelley Jackson In this Distemper
  • C. Michelle Lindley Stung
  • Zêdan Xelef Three Poems
  • Quincy Troupe My Mississippi
  • Hedley Twidle Firepool
  • Karen Heuler Eye of the Lake
  • Catherine Imbriglio Hydrology
  • Rebecca Lilly A Study of Elements
  • Rachel Blau DuPlessis Four Water Poems
  • Bronka Nowicka, Katarzyna Szuster-Tardi Prima Materia
  • Heather Altfeld With Their Feet in the Water, and Their Heads in the Fire

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