Dreaming of Bubbles Girardi

I have been dreaming a lot lately. I suppose it is the lack of most stimuli brought on by the pandemic cocooning. My routine at night is still the same: underwear, melatonin, Tempur-pedic, bi-pap, oxygen machine, night light, old time radio. I am aware I often work real-life experience into my dreams, like having to pee or being mildly panicked by my breathing machine. But more and more often I return to visit places, experience events, or meet with past acquaintances .. usually in some twisted or frustrating way.

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Sperm Wars

The infantry attacked on the left flank and were repelled by heavy artillery; however, small, individual platoons continued to infiltrate through hidden rifts and arroyos. On the right flank a major calvary attack wrought havoc on the defending troops and, although suffering catastrophic destruction, opened a path for foot troops to exploit. Bodies were piling up, requiring urgent removal to avoid pestilence. A sudden counterattack by allied forces pressed the aggressor back from the main battlefield. Fighting was brutal. Millions died. But a shining champion strode through the carnage, slipped up an unprotected path, and captured the flag.

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Water, Water, Everywhere

Emmy Noether was a pure mathematician who can be credited with making Einstein’s Theory of Relativity understandable and applicable to physicists and mathematicians in the previous century. Eugenia Cheng, in the WSJ, provides a good introduction to the contributions made by this important scientist.

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