Between Your Cheek and Jaw

Okay. As they say, I’ve done my research and I’ve discovered what Americans consider a far better path to entertainment and enlightenment than sitting in a comfy chair and reading a good book. First I donned my old Superman fire suit, left over from a brief foray into dirt track racing many years ago, and opened the wide world of inscrutable evil colloquially known as TikTok.

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Leave the Driving to Us

Back in the ’60s I was stuck in New York with my new wife desperate to get back to L. A. to set up our new apartment and get back to our college educations. We had to take the bus: the airlines were all on strike that summer. So we packed light and jammed our suitcases in the bowels of a Continental Trailways bus that would deliver us to southern California in only 81 relaxing hours.

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