2 Shots and 28 Days of Reading

Being old and severely challenged, health-wise, I was driven down to what appeared to be a massive tailgate party near the hospital where the minions of mercy, masked and otherwise wrapped in sterile blue jump suits, gave me my first shot of Covid-19 vaccine. Next week I’ll go for the second shot and then I’ll take a chance on making an appointment with my regular doctor: the first in a year. Oh, I’m probably in better shape than I was before this pandemic but I rely on several medications for my heart, diabetes, and blood pressure, and the professionals will not renew my prescriptions without seeing me first.

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How Am I Doing?

Now that I have the time, I’m going wild. You’ve seen my reading lists .. but that ain’t nothin’. Would you believe I’m half-way through The Big Bang Theory and still find Sheldon a curious instance of a carbon based life-form in an academic environment (with credentials). Will I tire of Sheldon’s predictability? Do old men still play two-dimensional checkers?

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