imagesI mentioned that Sunday I was going to make my first trip out of the house with my daughter’s family heading down to a local wildlife sanctuary. What I didn’t realize was that the sanctuary had been the model or Jeff VanderMeer’s Southern Reach trilogy. Yes, I spent the afternoon in Area X, right next to the Lighthouse.

If you enjoy contemporary speculative fiction that doesn’t rely on abnormal sex or extra gaseous appendages, VanderMeer’s trilogy is recommended. However, if the New Weird is your direction, much of VanderMeer’s earlier work is probably more to your liking (Veniss Underground comes to mind). Like many authors through the years and around the world, VanderMeer moved from the early vigor of literary rebelliousness to a more mainstream narrative form, albeit about a mysterious and dangerous part of a future United States.

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It’s Almost June

downloadToday my daughter is taking me and the family out of the house for a drive to a local wildlife sanctuary (no, not Lake of the Ozarks). I’ve put on my big-boy pants but I still contemplating the choice of sneakers or sandals, not to mention the need for socks. Seems like the biggest problem for our outing will be bathroom facilities: the word out is Hold It! I suspect a public restroom or a Port-a-Potty might not meet the guidelines for avoiding the virus. I wonder if there are large bushes where we’re going (although I already have been warned about the alligators so a bush might not be advisable).

I’ve been mulling over and adjusting this month’s reading list for several weeks now and still keep making last-minute changes. I think I’ve overloaded the reading for June but based on the last few month’s results, it might be a good thing.

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Was There a Blue Death?

download.jpgI remember a day back in High School when the regular teacher was absent and the substitute used the hour to read a Poe classic to the normally boisterous class.

First, the substitute was a graying, middle-aged gent who might be mistaken for the wrestling coach; however, he was a French teacher and spoke with a willowy lisp. He was precious, in a Percy Dovetonsils way. But he was also a great story-teller and that day he held the class in thrall with Poe’s The Masque of the Red Death.

In this time of Covid-19 we all have plenty of time and hopefully that means lots more reading: books, books, books.

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