There’s a Top Ten for Ulysses!

Actually, it’s not terribly valuable unless you haven’t read James Joyce’s Ulysses and need a little push … okay, if it gets someone to discover the fun and erudition of Ulysses, then it’s very valuable. It does bring back memories of the 1967 film of Ulysses which I saw in a small movie theater on Wilshire Boulevard (if I recall). I went back several times with different friends to marvel at Milo O’Shea as Leopold Bloom. This was one of two movies I have been obsessed with in my life: the other was Les Parapluis de Cherbourg (which started my lifelong lust for La Deneuve).

But here is the Top Ten clip for Ulysses:

XFX: I’m Going To Happyland

HappylandWhat if a woman named Happy had an abusive childhood yet became the central figure in her own massively popular line of very expensive dolls imaginatively created with backstories designed to win the love and admiration of little girls all over the world. Then one day this powerful and very rich woman drives through a quaint village in upstate New York and decides to transform it into Happyland, creating a new home for her Happy Dolls and transforming the village into the ideal town based on the goodness and popularity of the Happy Dolls.

But the nice lady is a corporate vulture out to make the world conform to her wishes (and make a lot of money off it, of course).

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Gone With the Wind

ParkerWhat do the following authors all have in common?

  • Dorothy Parker
  • F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • Raymond Chandler
  • William Faulkner
  • John Steinbeck
  • Evan Hunter
  • Stephen King
  • Larry McMurtry
  • Dave Eggers
  • Nick Hornsby

Yes, they have all gone to Hollywood and written for the movies. I ran across this historical document online which shows some of the decision making that was behind selecting the writers that would convert Margaret Mitchell’s Gone With the Wind onto the 1939 award winning movie.

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Stardust … Shaken, Not Stirred


It has taken me over sixty years but I finally read my first Ian Fleming treatment of that well-known fictional character, James Bond. Although I have seen most if not all of the movies on television, I stopped going to the movie theater to see the latest James Bond back when Sean Connery was still the dashing hero (even if he wore a rug). For the record, I suspect Roger Moore was the greatest influence on my never going to another James Bond movie ever again.

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