MetropolisFor it’s day, Metropolis must have been seen with amazement. Shoot, any movie back then was pretty amazing but when you add the fantastical themes and settings of Metropolis, you are certainly in the land of make-believe.There was plenty of dystopian literature that preceded Metropolis (Erewhon comes to mind) but science fiction was fairly new. In fact, science itself was not fully accepted in the lives of many people and the type of speculation we now associate with science fiction was hardly separable from the early popularization of science and the promise of what science would bring to the lives of even the average citizens.

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Gone With the Wind

My father told me about his watching the movie Gone With the Wind projected on a white sheet while the viewers leaned or sat on the railings around the commissary on a warm summer night. I think he was in the Army Air Corps at the time but this may well be a memory jumble and he might have just returned from a successful day of catfish wrangling when growing up in Oklahoma. I saw Gone With the Wind one Saturday morning at a restored mega-cinema houses on Hollywood Boulevard—the Egyptian, perhaps—when the restored (recolored) edition was first-run in the mid-60s.

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There’s a Top Ten for Ulysses!

Actually, it’s not terribly valuable unless you haven’t read James Joyce’s Ulysses and need a little push … okay, if it gets someone to discover the fun and erudition of Ulysses, then it’s very valuable. It does bring back memories of the 1967 film of Ulysses which I saw in a small movie theater on Wilshire Boulevard (if I recall). I went back several times with different friends to marvel at Milo O’Shea as Leopold Bloom. This was one of two movies I have been obsessed with in my life: the other was Les Parapluis de Cherbourg (which started my lifelong lust for La Deneuve).

But here is the Top Ten clip for Ulysses: