Holy Hurricane, Batman !!!

Let me look at that list again:

  • Move to Tallahassee
  • Survive a Hurricane
  • Spend a week without power
  • Add a few days before internet is restored

Are we having fun yet?

imgres.jpgActually we were very lucky. This is a neighborhood full of trees, mostly big and green, that performed a creditable stadium wave in the high winds just after midnight. We lost power very early but it was restored within the hour; then, as I started to download an operating system update, everything went black and quiet … there were no longer any electrical or digital murmurings to counter the whistling winds and groaning trees outside. Soon I realized this also meant Florida in the summer with no A/C.

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Summer Reading At Tin House

M-TH68-SK-rgb.jpgIt’s here .. the latest issue of Tin House Magazine. But even more important, I can now access the digital edition of the journal, thus saving me space in my soon-to-be restrictive digs down in Florida.

The new Tin House is #68 and is the annual Summer Reading issue. Just flipping through the pages I can see that there is a great deal of reading here that I will have to balance against my planned bookshelf reduction I so carefully detailed in advance of having to pack up my books prior to my move.

Here’s what they say:

Summer Reading


Fiction: Dorthe Nors, Malerie Willens, Jean-Philippe Toussaint, Saša Stanišić, Deb Olin Unferth, Michael Braunschweig, Alexis M. Smith, Eric Puchner, Josh Weil, Sean Ennis, Jackson Tobin

Features: Michael Dickman, Marin Sardy

Poetry: Dorianne Laux, Sam Riviere, John Ashbery, Joseph Millar, Michael Burkard, Per Aage Brandt, Anna Journey

Lost & Found: Nathan Gauer, Alexandra Pechman, Sarah Bridgins, Joel Drucker, Whitney Otto

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Bringing In the Harvest

imgres.jpgAs of last night I have rummaged through all of my bookshelves and sent several hundred books off to the Book Exchange and the Goodwill store with my neighbor’s burly son’s assistance. Suffice it to say that many of those books were very difficult to give up but for the most part they met my criteria for abandonment:

  • I already read the book
  • I have a verified digital copy of the book
  • I don’t see myself ever reading the book
  • The print is too small to even try to read the book.

The biggest reason not related to print size is that I have or can easily obtain a digital copy of the book. Wait: that is still related to print size since I can now alter the font so that my eyes might thank me.

One nice thing about electronic books is that, unlike many of my older books, they inevitably smell better … ah, the smell of iPhone in the morning.

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