Howard Hessman

Back around 1980 I attended a three-day training seminar on effective video presentations. A small group of company students prepared effective presentations that we then video taped and closely critiqued. Two things stand out about that retreat: The first was the abundance of rich, expensive food (the endless scallops wrapped in bacon were a treat) and second was that I looked exactly like Howard Hessman. It was even suggested that Hessman actually looked like me.

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Digital Dystopia

Back in the ’90s, when I was the captain of my own cubicle in the depths of corporate America, it was mandatory that my away message on the telephone answering system announced my status and direction so as to avoid any confusion my business comrades might encounter. If memory serves, my standard message was a delaying tactic that assured many fun hours of telephone tag to flatten the productivity curve. It went something like:

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What’s In a Name?

images-1.jpgI read a Trump supporter suggesting that Donald Trump wasn’t as bad as Adolf Hitler.

What a defense!

The Trump name will now and forever be compared to Adolf Hitler. I believe this will severely devalue the Trump brand, reducing the Trump fortune to about a buck ninety-eight.

I’m sure Melania will help the old man move into a used mobile home in Florida so they can live out their retirement blaming others and whining about how unfair life is.

Assuming, of course, that he’s not in the slam doing twenty to life.