26 Corrupt Bankers Sentenced to 74 Years in Prison

images-2.jpgWe all remember the massive political and financial failures of the Bush Administration which were gradually resolved by the Obama Administration, but who remembers what punishments were handed out for the gross incompetence and criminal activities of the politicians and bankers who caused the crisis?


Oh yes, most of those who we now know are the most dangerous people in the United States—the individuals who, through greed and incompetence could easily destroy the American Experiment—were actually rewarded with an obscene influx of American taxpayer’s dollars to make their business positions solid again and they are still tossing their greed around in ways that threaten all our futures.

Which bankster went to prison for destructive and illegal activities?

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All-Time Bestsellers

images.jpgHere’s a good exercise. Not counting books such as the Bible, what do you think the top ten best selling books are? We’re talking about books that have sold the most copies and ignore cover price, literary quality, or subliminal cover art.

Jeffrey Somers has posted the surprising statistics on About.com (Jeffrey is their Bestsellers expert).

I have listed the bestsellers below but you should read the original article on About.com for a much further discussion of each entry.

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Office Speak

officeHaving spent over thirty years in the world of big business, I experienced the fullest and ugliest extent of office speak. I came from an academic background solidly based on the study of literature and the need to write accurately and effectively (which is not to say that academia doesn’t have its own version of office speak). When I was fairly new to the business world I actively took up arms against the multitudinous seas of gobbledygook that passed as business communication only to be branded as a smart-ass. Still, my company even ran a course in the Learning Center on Effective Communications which championed concepts similar to my own; unfortunately, as soon as the course was over, most associates went right back to the same old overblown and hackneyed business jargon that once served to fill up the idle time before television and email were invented.

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