Did You Ever?

Did you ever stop reading suddenly and return to reread a sentence, possibly more than once, and consider how it was written and whether it even made sense?

I do this all the time. Just this morning while reading Anne Perry, one of the posh characters responded to Inspector Pitt:

I'm sorry you have taken the trouble to return, since
I'm quite sure I can tell you nothing more.

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Budget Swindle

Trump’s epic budget swindle

By Joe Conason at Nation of Change

images.jpgElect a fraudster to the presidency – remember Trump University and the Trump Foundation? – and he will soon deliver a fraudulent budget. What makes this presidential fraudster’s first budget so special is the simultaneous perpetration of multiple levels of fraud.

Aside from defense spending, the Trump budget violates nearly every programmatic promise he made to voters last year. And he pretends to fulfill his promise of balancing the budget with fake numbers.

Not only are the numbers phony but also they represent the most audacious mathematical con game in a federal budget in recent memory. It is phonier than the phony budgets cooked up during the Reagan era, when the president’s own budget director eventually confessed, “None of us really understands what’s going on with all these numbers.” …

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