The Cult Books That Lost Their Cool

images.jpgHephzibah Anderson of the BBC has exposed a selection of books that have traditionally been highly regarded but nowadays fail to evoke the interest and accolades they once deserved.

When I was studying literature at the university I was introduced to a similar phenomenon. At that time authors such as Charles Dickens and Theodore Dreiser were quite low in the academic esteem department. Hemingway is another well known author that tends to go up and down through the years (he should stay down).

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Another Day, Another Idiot Move

Is there any truth to the rumor that Drumpf, surviving without the benefit of alcohol, is considering outlawing beer in this country? After all, the path to mass shootings often involves a six-pack. I understand that various pundits have convinced the Orange-One that by removing beer and video games from society the sale of Parcheesi games will skyrocket the stock market back into the black.


Be Best

download.pngI spent the morning thinking about the listing of my top 40 recommendations. I don’t see any reason to make any major changes at this time but I realize that there are so many texts that I have yet to read, many of which might be contenders for the top 40.

Several years back I had yet to read George Eliot’s Middlemarch and suggested that I would probably place it in the top forty based on the comments and suggestions of others. I have since then read Middlemarch and, although I did not revere the novel to the extent of its praise, Middlemarch did in fact push its way into the list.

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